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An easy token system for kids!


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"I just supported BluCoin - an easy token system for children! Early backers get a special rate! #kickstarter"

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Motivate your child to be more independent and more productive with BluCoin. Our patented device gets children excited to work hard!

BluCoin is bringing the proven principals of applied behavior analysis into every household and classroom. Our token economy based program improves children's behavior, increases motivation, and is as easy to operate as a toaster!

Insert a reward for your child or student!

Give them a coin when they finish their task!

Watch how productive your child becomes!

Why it works

There are three big elements that need to be present for children, and adults, to be as motivated as possible.

1. You have to know what work is expected to be completed. Imagine your boss telling you can earn a big reward by performing well this quarter and leaves it at that. Well, what is ‘performing well’? Likewise, if your boss says you can that earn a big bonus if you complete task A, B, and C. You now know exactly what needs to be done to get your bonus. The big visuals on the front of BluCoin double as whiteboard so you can clearly write what needs to be completed

2. Second, you have to know how much work is remaining. Being able to see the finish line gives you a boost to finish the race. BluCoin’s big visuals make it clear, even for very young children, what has been completed and what has not.

3. Finally, you have to know what’s in it for you. Now your boss tells you, “If you double up your work load today and finish these reports I’ll let you have a prize from the Mystery Box!” Unless you really love doing extra reports at work a surprise reward does not increase your motivation. BluCoin’s clear lid lets the reward be visible and feel attainable.

  • Children can work for any reward! (new clothes, a game, a special trip, allowance, etc.)
  • Coins are portable (Coins can be given when a child behaves at the store)

BluCoin is designed to give results.  Every element of our program uses research based evidence and has been perfected in trials to deliver fast, long-term behavior changes.

BluCoin combines the effectiveness of a Token Economy ( state of the art technology.  Because BluCoin is nearly self operated it is now easier than ever to change your child's behavior.

Unlike other traditional behavior modification programs for children, BluCoin offers a sophisticated box that delivers the same strategies used by psychologists and behavior therapists, without the required training.

Our simple system encourages children to work more independently and eliminates the need to constantly remind your children or students what is expected of them.

Token economy systems work in the short term and continue throughout a child's life because they are teaching real world living strategies. Adults go to work and earn their tokens, which is a paycheck. Adults sign up for credit cards with rewards programs and sign up for frequent flier programs to earn rewards in return. The principles of Blucoin prepare children and teens for adulthood.


Made from high strength ridged polymers, BluCoin is tantrum tested and designed to last years. It was important to me to build a product that is both impact resistant and tough.  It is large enough to hold video game controllers, toys, or even an iPad.

Once closed, the lid of the BluCoin automatically locks, making any contents inside inaccessible to children.  After all the coins are attached, the lid will automatically open, giving children instant access inside.

The lid of the box has a viewing window so that children know exactly what reward they are working towards, keeping them motivated along the way.


The coins are programmed to the device using the same technology that is found in hotel room keycards.  This means that the BluCoin Box cannot be opened any other way. This technology is not only inexpensive to use but is also incredibly reliable because there is no battery needed in each coin! And because coins can be programmed to only open one specific box, multiple units can be used in a classroom or household without the threat children stealing coins.

We tested different shapes and variations of the tokens to use with our program and discovered that a simple round coin had many advantages.

The task of putting the coins on the box is not designed to be a difficult task for children to do. They have already worked hard to earn their coins, now they want their reward! The coins attach magnetically to the big red visuals on the front of the box, letting children know exactly how much work is left to do.  These magnets and slots make it easy for very young children and those with poor fine motor skills to apply the coins.

The coins are weighted and textured so that they are fun to hold, which keeps them reminded of the task they are working towards completing.


BluCoin ChoreCharts are a simple way to help your child or student form good habits!  These customizable charts are interactive and fun way for children to know what is expected of them.  You can choose from whiteboard or blackboard versions with your choice of frame: black wood, white wood, or natural finish!

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