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Bob Goodlatte for Congress

By Bob Goodlatte

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Ended 06/14/2016

"Today is the Republican Primary in the 6th Congressional District. Vote for Conservative Congressman Bob Goodlatte"

— Bob Goodlatte and
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Bob Goodlatte is working for the people of the 6th District.  Join our cause today!   Promoting Fiscal Responsibility Leading the fight for a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment, and supports efforts to Audit the Fed.   Fighting for Individual Liberty Led the fight for the USA Freedom Act to enhance civil liberties, and stopped the Obama ammo ban.   Cutting Taxes Permanently banned the Internet Access Tax with bipartisan support.   Opposed Weak Foreign Policy Fought against the Iran nuclear deal and Obama/Clinton failed foreign policies.   Protecting our Shared Values Sent a repeal of Obamacare that defunds Planned Parenthood to the President’s desk.

No Campaign Updates. Check Back Sometime Soon.

Created on 2023-05-17 12:03:14