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Book Preorder-If I Should Wake

By mskrysd

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Ended 10/17/2016

"#IfIShouldWake (Kassandra Drake #1) by #KrysJanae releases 10/18/16! #amazon #kindle #pnr #spn #na #fiction"

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"Take the gift you’ve been given, and use it well…”
That was the last thing he ever said to me before he passed, and now he’s gone.
I can’t stay in Gillespie now. I’m going back to Blackwolf.


After several years away in the big city across the bay, Kassandra Drake rejoins her hometown of Blackwolf and tries to slip back into her old small-town life. Although things seem to be mostly where she left them when she made her departure years ago, she has to quickly make some decisions about her personal life. From her old friends, to an old flame, she reconciles with some and pushes away others. 

Then, she meets the mysterious Caine Michaels at Archer Manor. Kassandra starts to experience things she never had before—strange occurrences—ranging from being starstruck, having flashes of déjà vu, debilitating headaches, and haunting dreams she hoped to leave behind in the city.

Kassandra soon finds herself in the company of the wealthy big-shot, Marcellus Ambrose. Try as she might, she cannot resist his requests for long. Mostly because his lackeys are a little out of the ordinary. With their help, she starts to piece together the true fortune inherited from her grandfather, the late Franklin Drake. Kassandra rapidly and eagerly grows into her role as she's introduced to this new underground world. While battling her own inner demons, Kassandra is forced to come face-to-face with the real evil stalking her steps.

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