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CARDology Kickstarter Launch

By cardology101

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Ended 11/25/2016

"CARDology is the study of the hidden calendar in standard playing cards. This is a deck of cards/calendar."

— cardology101 and
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CARDology is ready for your orders. Head over to Kickstarter Today!!! My name is Timothy Daffinrud and one year ago I started designing CARDology, because I realized that millions of people know the deck of cards like the back of their hand and still did not know about the hidden calendar in standard playing cards. There are 52 cards in a standard deck. These 52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year. The 52 cards are divided into 4 suits Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. These 4 suits represent the 4 seasons in a year. Each suit consist of 13 cards Ace through King. These 13 cards represent the 13 weeks in each season.
  g   There are many more hidden variables that depict the correlation between the playing cards and the calendar. One of the most intriguing variables is when you total the value of each card in the deck you will find the sum to be 365 plus an extra joker for leap year.   I spent 9 months researching and designing this deck of cards that use this hidden calendar The deck I am kickstarting with is Celestial Edition. This is a 52 week celestial calendar, so you can anticipate these events from one week to the next Celestial Edition uses each card to correspond to each of the 52 celestial events to come.     CARDology: Astronomy Edition, illustrates and explains astronomical events that will occur each week throughout the year. The dates of each event is represented by the cards numeric value and suit that the standard decks consists of.     The Ace representing the 1st week of each season and the season ending on the 13th week represented by the 13th card, the King. The order of the suits starts with spades as spring, then follows as hearts as summer, clubs as fall and diamonds as winter.     Ace of Spades begins the chronological order of events for the year The entire deck of the Celestial Edition will guide you through all of the major celestial events from the spring equinox on March 20, 2023 though the astrological year as earth makes its way around the Sun. You will know when to expect full moons, meteor showers, and planets approaching Earth.   CARDology is not just a calendar but a tool to inspire curiosity in some of the worlds greatest mysteries.     Our mission is to inspire curiosity and education in the annual cycles of life hidden within standard playing cards. We explore subjects in a scientific way with an ancient tool It has been challenging for me to accomplish all the steps it takes to get as far as I have come. To design, market, and obtain Trademark, copyright and video production on my own has been a long process. I have proven to myself that I am committed to CARDology and its success. Since the completion of CARDology Celestial Edition I have been excited to show my designs and see the public's reaction. I spent 9 months to see to it that the cards were complete before I introduce them to the world. I registered a Trademark and Copyright because I believe CARDology will sucseed and teach us to be mindful of natures events taking place annually. is a website I designed that offers a more detailed description of the scientific path that we want CARDology to stand for. I think the price is higher then I wanted to charge but to keep the shipping on schedule without problems this will cover the margin. When this kickstarter succeeds, I will explore other subjects as well,. one of of the most intriguing subjects I am working on is Phenology Edition. Phenology is the study of the ways plants and animals react to seasonal changes, such as nesting, blooming, spawning, migration, hibernation, estivation and how the world is connected through the cycles of life. One of the most difficult decks for us to create has been the Planisphere Edition. A star and planet finder that animates as you flip through the 52 cards. Each card consist of a map of the sky during the time that correlates to the CARDology calendar. The decks we have mentioned so far use a standard CARDology calendar where each card represents a specific week out of the year, however we also have a Lunar Edition on the drawing board. This calendar uses the pips as days.. When you total the value of each card you will find the sum to be 365 plus an extra joker for leap year. The value of the card on a standard deck would be the amount of pips on the card. Lunar Eddition will have moons replacing the pips. There will be 365 lunar phases with dates for each day of the year. CARDology is waiting for your order at this link.

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Created on 2023-11-18 12:53:12