CarIQ - Make your Cars Smarter

With CarIQ, owners can remotely manage, monitor, and interact with their vehicle.


CarIQ is India’s first connected car platform. With CarIQ, owners can remotely manage, monitor, and interact with their vehicle. Your (now) smart car, can understand its condition, review your driving pattern, and notify you of critical actions that need to be taken. Something as common as the head lights being left ON when parked, to something as critical as identifying a potential engine breakdown, is now possible. Your car will notify you to take action! There are 101 things your car wants to tell you. Start listening!

Product Features

CarIQ device is simple plug ‘n’ play. Even a smart ten-year-old kid can connect this to a car. You do not need to open the bonnet. Just open the door, look for a connector (OBD) near the steering wheel and connect the device. Once connected, the device intelligently understands the car it is connected to, and configures itself.

The plugged-in device collects information from the car. This collected data is securely transmitted to the CarIQ platform, which then translates that data into meaningful information. These actionable insights, in the form of alerts, reminders, and insights are then displayed on our intuitive apps (iOS/Android/Web).

Here are some of the features that CarIQ supports: 

·         Critical alerts

·          Technical problems with your car

·         Service alerts

·         Battery monitor and health

·         ‘Headlight On’ warning

·         Location information

·         Statistics sharing on Facebook and Twitter

·         Social badges for driver, car condition, etc.

·         Towing alerts

·         Crash alert

·         Over-speeding alerts

·         Rash driving identification

·         Personalized tips for driving (based on your driving pattern)

·         Fuel economy

·         Download Entire car driving data


Product Compatibility

Latest version of CarIQ device is compatible with cars manufactured after year 2008 all makes and models.



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