Trust And Safety

What Everyone Should Know

You will only share the message once. When you support a campaign, you are agreeing to share their message and link on your social media account ONE time. This post is made automatically on your behalf and will appear on your news feed.

HeadTalker does not invade your privacy. We only access the minimum amount of information to make our platform work for you. We have been approved by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn to use their social APIs.

HeadTalker is available for everyone! There are no restrictions on who can use HeadTalker. You can create a message for something that is important to you from anywhere in the world. Together we can help people take their messages viral!

What Creators Should Know

Your end date is the day your message is shared. Select an end date that gives you enough time to gain your supporters. Once you're campaign is successful, your supporters will share your message on the date you chose!

Your campaign has to be successful to share. HeadTalker allows you customize your supporter goal so you can choose a goal that is achievable for you. You can always contact us if you need your goal raised or lowered. We're here to help!

Creating a campaign is free. We have made all our platform features free to use for everyone. You can start as many campaigns as you want at no cost and take advantage of all the latest features for free.

What Supporters Should Know

Your profiles are safe. When you support a campaign, all you are agreeing to is that you will let the message be posted on your social media account one time if the campaign reaches its goal.

You're never going to pay. Campaigns are free to support and there is no limit to how many you can support. All you are "donating" is your voice to help the creator spread their message. Some HeadTalkers even give away money!

You're in control. You have the choice to support any campaign you want. We will never try to force you to support a campaign. You have to manually support a campaign for the message to be shared by you so you can pick and choose.

What Buyers Should Know

Your payment is secure. All payments in the marketplace are made through PayPal's secure payment processing system. We use PayPal because they are the industry leaders in payment processing and they have top notch security.

You can leave reviews. Once you order a gig you can leave a review after the Seller delivers your social reach. Make sure to give honest reviews because your reviews affect their future sales. If you have an issue with your order, just contact us.

You can check out the Seller. Sellers provide descriptions of their gigs as well as links to their social media accounts to keep things transparent. You can easily check out sellers before you make a purchase.

What Sellers Should Know

You are responsible to deliver. When someone orders your gig you are required to add your reach to their campaign in order to receive your money. If you do not wish to join someone's campaign, you can easily cancel.

You will get paid. Once a person buys your gig, you will be notified to add social reach. The payment will be sent to HeadTalker. After you make a total of $25 from your gig or gigs, the money will be delivered to your paypal in 1-5 business days.

You choose when you deliver. You choose when you deliver. We know that you're busy living life so we have given you the option to choose a delivery time. This gives you flexibility and gives buyers a timeframe.

What We Do

We make sure you are protected. Our security team monitors every campaign that is submitted and published on our platform. We do our best to make sure that the campaigns created are suitable for all ages.

We make sure you are secure. We make sure all your personal information is safe. We actively monitor the platform daily and all the campaigns submitted. We take action if someone is abusing the system.

We make sure HeadTalker stays free. HeadTalker will always be free to use. HeadTalker was built for you to share and support messages that matter to you. Our team works around the clock only to make sure HeadTalker is working perfectly for you.

Our mission is to provide you with a safe and trusted platform. So far, there has been over 4,135,704,772 social reach donated to thousands of messages to help people have their messages seen by more people online. If there's anything you need to know, just ask.