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Dragon’s Heritage

By Pam

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Ended 04/04/2017

"Join the adventure in this exciting middle grade fantasy book, Dragon's Heritage by Kandi J Wyatt. #99cents"

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In a world where dragons fly free and dragon riders are honored by all, sixteen-year-old Mere struggles with her place. Everyone in her family is a dragon rider, except for her. When a bully begins to rub it in, Mere’s insecurities come to a head. Upon seeing her so upset, Grandma Duskya gives Mere her old journal; a book inscribed with the family’s special heritage. 

Will Grandma’s journal help Mere see that not everyone has to be the same to be special? Will it help Mere acquire the courage to stand up for herself? 

Start from the very beginning in this exciting prequel to the middle grade fantasy Dragon Courage series, Dragon’s Heritage by Kandi J Wyatt.

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Created on 2017-03-08 11:53:07