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Take a Good Selfie. EmoFix!

By Vladimir Malakchi

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Ended 05/05/2023

"Discover how to take good selfies with best Selfie Remote, Emofix; water proof & unique metal body."

— Vladimir Malakchi and
other supporters

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About The Project

Selfies!  We all love to take Selfies. "Taking good Selfies and videos have never been so easier, don’t miss the magical moments and enhance your Selfies experience with Emofix. You can capture good Selfies & videos without touching your smartphone.

We are proudly announcing EmoFix; a Bluetooth enabled Selfie Remote that makes your life so cool. Our lives are full of great memorable moments which we really want to capture from the eye of camera, and Emofix helps you capture memories in great style. Take good selfies in your room, pose in the park, look gorgeous at a festival, and go crazy on holidays.

It’s the only selfie gadget that everyone dreams to get. We made it, keeping in mind the trouble faced by most of the smart phone users while taking selfies & shooting videos. So, if you want to take a group selfies or want to shoot videos, Emofix is a perfect choice for your basic need. You can also shoot your personal videos while playing in the same scene.

EmoFix is the device that gives you complete freedom of taking good selfies and videos without touching your mobile phones. It connects to your mobile remotely via Bluetooth and has a range over 30 feet. The device shoots pictures & videos using the rear camera of your mobile phone so you get high quality media every time.

Using EmoFix you can -

EmoFix is small and elegant device. You can easily carry it with you anywhere. You can put it in your wallet, pocket, purse or keychain. Now, take good selfies, click your intimate moments and record your life as it happens with EmoFix in an easiest way possible.

How to Take a Good Selfie

Always take a good selfie with your smart phone by using our Bluetooth enabled Selfie Remote, Emofix. Also, it is perfect for taking photos at family events or friend’s reunions as no one will be left out to be the photographer and no need to ask strangers to take the group photo. Emofix is designed to make taking a selfie or video shot effortless and its long range means there is no need to set the timer and quickly run back to try to get in a photo. No cutting face, hiding arms and blurred images. EmoFix enables you to click the best selfie of you.

Take perfect Selfies under Water

Want to take perfect selfies in rain or while swimming? Or shoot video of yourself playing in water? Use EmoFix and capture those joyous moment forever.

Shoot Best Videos

Shooting videos is as easy as clicking pic. Want to shoot the same video in which you are playing a role? Yes, this is possible by EmoFix. Grab it and show your creativity by doing more.

How to Take Super Quick Selfies with Emofix

Don’t waste your time in adjusting camera positions. Just set it once and quickly take a number of selfies you want, saving your time and efforts. Never struggle to take a good selfie again!

Battery life over 2 years

You shouldn't be afraid of discharged battery. You can use your device 30 times a day for more than 2 years

Use As Hidden Camera

Did we tell you that you can use it as a hidden camera? Think about it. You will find pretty much instances to use it for your hidden camera.

Capture Perfect Group Photos

Forget those moments when clicking a group photo is a difficult task, done in installments and adding pic afterwards while editing. You can take good group pic without losing any of your friends in pic.

High Resolutions Media

Most of the mobiles have low quality front camera. Using EmoFix, you can capture photos and videos using back camera of any mobile phone, which is usually higher quality than front camera.

No App Needed

You don’t need any app to use with EmoFix. It simply connects through phone Bluetooth and works on any phone including iPhone and Android.

Great Selfie Remote with Best Bluetooth Range

EmoFix connects to your mobile remotely via Bluetooth and has a range of 30 feet, enough for clicking most of the pic and shoot videos.

Special Metal Alloy

EmoFix is made of a special metal alloy that makes it more durable. You drop it on hard surface and nothing happens.

Laconic Design Selfie Remote

If you have everything around you is stylish, why not your selfie remote. The laconic design gives a trendy look to your EmoFix.

Using EmoFix is Super Easy

Choose any color you like

We Have Made It with Great Attention to Detail

It feels good when you put your heart and make something; keeping in mind every tiny detail and make it perfect.

Why We Made This Selfie Remote, Emofix?

We saw a missing point while people would take selfies and other pic. They have to be at the other side of the camera. We thought, why not create something so that the person who is on the other side should come in the scene and enjoy the moment with others. 

He can be a part of good selfie, a perfect group photo or an adventurous video. That’s when we started thinking of a device to make this happen and EmoFix was born as best selfie remote. We brainstormed a lot to give it perfect stylish design and technical features. We made it waterproof because you can’t take your mobile phone in water. 

We made it durable with strong metal so that nothing would happen even if you drop it on the ground. We are continuously thinking on how to make it better. So that, we can give our users better experience in upcoming future.




Who Are You?

EmoFix is the brainchild of industry experienced professionals, who have been engaged in innovative tech products for a long time. The team consists of creative product designers, hard working techies and visionary management; who work relentlessly to provide best user experience to people using the product.

Why Are You Crowdfunding?

To make this product available to maximum people, we are launching on Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. We need your help to start the production process.

Does it work with video mode?

Yes, of course. The only thing you need is to flip your smart phone into video mode. Sometimes EmoFix might go to sleep if the video is long, in this case you should click first time to reconnect and second to stop the video recording.

Does it work with front and rear camera?

Yes. EmoFix is working with those camera that you choose on your smart phone.

Can I have my EmoFix shipped to different address?

Yes. Most of perks are included free shipping.

What the detailed technical characteristics of EmoFix?

Dimension: 43 x 43 x 4.4mm

Weight: 22g (include battery)

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Smart)

Material: Zinc Alloy + PC

Battery: CR2032 200mAh

Power life: over 2 years for 30 photos each day

Maximum connecting distance: 30 feet

Time to auto power-off: 60mins for iPhone/1.5mins for Android Phone

Deep sleep: 0.28uA

Advertising: 0.35mA

Connected: 0.1mA

  • We have a great news for you, our supporters and friends. Here are first photos or EmoFix's accessories. I (Vladimir) think they are real amazing and hope you will like them too. Share our campaign with your friends and family, please. It is very important for us, thank you. Here you can see all the accessories:

    Posted on 2023-04-20 11:19:02
  • Only with your support, dear friends, we collected 20% of all funds for 1 day. It is awesome! And this support and contributions give us a big opportunity to be one of "10 New Crowdfunding Campaigns That ROCK" that BuzzFeed Community choose. Thanks you dear friends for your support.

    Posted on 2023-04-17 05:08:39