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Ended 05/05/2023

"We are developing an ultimate tool to improve ease of people relations!"

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  flaPnet's story The idea came by itself, maybe because we don’t have such a tool like flaPnet. Sometimes you come in other city, where you don’t have a friends and you want to go to the pub or somewhere else  where you can entertain yourself but you don’t have a friends in this city. Occasionally business trips are not only tedious but also inducing depression: your family stayed at home, you can’t chat with your friends who also stayed in your hometown, and you won’t be a melancholy in your hotel room. And in this moment you open a single app and solve your problems by one click. We are an indie-developer team of flaPnet. The team of young promising project, which even if not revolutionize the world of information technology, but at least brings something new and extraordinary. Our social network app is an elegant combination of familiar to many users such internet tools as Google Maps, messengers and Foursquare. We are not only trying to make communication easier between users but also want improve the lifestyle of people who do not sit at home, people who are on journeys or business trips, or just strolling through the native city. Another great plus is that flaPnet going to make closest connection in history between offline business and online users when acquaintance, a call to action and direct relationship, are at a distance of one small tap.

flaPnet is a next generation social network with the ability to find and communicate with people via real-time updating map with geolocation of all users.

Just imagine, all world is in your hands! You only need to sign up and connect to flaPnet’s network.

Using the main function of the flaPnet of finding people in real-time updating map which shows the location of all online users, you can just start your conversation by clicking on any of them on the map. Or just find nearest pub, restaurant and etc. up to you and any user there can be your new friend.

And if we're not going to make a revolution on flaPnet's release date, we will do it for sure in 2017. In 2017 we will bring to a new level human relations in the Internet and a new version isn't just a version 1.1, it is version 2.0. This global innovation will change the fundamental idea of ​​the many areas of human activity. With this revolutionary contribution to the social relationships of the people, to the economy and infrastructure, the flaPnet will be indispensable as the mobile phone in our days.

If you would like to be part of a new revolution just join us!

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Created on 2023-03-08 11:51:05