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Flic: A Wireless Smart Button

By David Sanghera

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Ended 12/22/2014

"The wireless button that creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone. #flic"

— David Sanghera and
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Introducing Flic

Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button that lets you create a shortcut to your favorite actions so that you don’t have to touch your phone.

Absolutely no need to touch your phone, Flic creates a shortcut to your favorite actions. With one Flic, you can create a shortcut to call a cab, text your loved ones of your location if you’re in distress, or just turn the lights on. Flic can do so much more too...

Flic in the Press

A Day Made of Flic


With Flic in your car you can keep your focus on the road, where it should be. With just a click Flic could launch navigation to your next appointment, text your spouse and say that you’re on your way home or detect the song you’re listening to on the radio.


Always looking for your phone when you’re on your way out? With Flic you can make your phone sound the alarm, making it easier to find.

Having a smart home set up should be, well, smart! Instead we have to dig through our phones to turn on a light? With Flic you can easily control all your smart home units the way it should be, with a smart, simple and easily accessible button located where you need it. As you can see in the picture above you can also create scenarios for when you’re going out or when you’re having a movie night to control multiple units at once.

But not everyone has a smartphone. For some it can actually be terrifying. Flic brings the amazing possibilities of the smartphone and makes it accessible to everyone.

Put your phone on the shelf and let everyone be in the picture. Let Flic be your photographer and take a picture for you without having to be near your phone. Flic integrates with your phone's camera shutter function so you can have everyone in your picture.

With just a click, Flic can start sharing your phones GPS location with your family and friends so they can follow you on your way home. In the event of a distressed situation, you can easily sound the alarm and send a distress message.

A Closer Look at Flic


Flic can do so much more...


Yeah, its just a wireless button, but it can change the way you live every day. The phone opens up a world of possibilities, but Flic brings them to life.

We are developing some of the amazing actions you can see above, some of which we have already developed. The amazing opportunities that Flic brings should not be restricted to our imagination.

Exclusive Holiday Perk

Control your Phillips Hue lights, Nest thermostat, August Smartlock, and much more with a Flic. 

The Harmony Hub combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR to control your home automation and entertainment devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, blinds, movies, TV, and more.

Some example integrations

Flic can control lots of different services on your phone but can also be used to contol your devices and web apps. These are a few examples. 


Flic Developer Kit

This is why we are launching the Flic Developer Kit so Flic can be integrated into any application. We already have some amazing apps that are integrating with Flic and we will continuously list them below during the campaign. Do you want to integrate Flic into your app? Contact us at

How to start flicing

Lets say I want Flic to skip to the next song when I Double Click:

  1. Press the Flic in the center screen and it will show you the three ways to use Flic: Click, Double Click and Hold. Next, we choose Double Click, and select Music. 
  2. The Music settings will be shown and we choose “Skip to next song”, that’s it! Now Flic will skip to the next song each time you Double Click. No need to have the phone around!

Designed for everyone


Technical Details


Flic uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your device and is compatible with iPhone 4s & later, iPad 3rd generation & later and select Android devices with 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0.

We've worked really hard to make Flic as battery efficient as possible while still keeping it diverse for all sorts of applications. This is why we have prepared Flic to work in three different modes. In most use-cases Flic will mostly be turned off until it's pressed. In this mode the battery will last up to 60 000 clicks which is more than enough for anyone.

There is more to Flic than you might think. To give you a better feeling here is an exploded view of the different parts.

Flic will come with a double-sided adhesive that allows you to stick it to any surface. You can easily peel it off and restick it again.


The Journey Behind Flic.

We've gone through an immense journey to get to the design that we are offering today. Below you can see the different prototype steps we have gone through to finally bring you Flic.

In March we flew off to join the Hardware Incubator Highway 1 in San Francisco. While we were there, we decided to do a respin on the product design before bringing it to the market.

We went through another design cycle as you can see below.

After finding the right design, we flew off to China to have a look at some factories while finding suppliers to start prototyping.

We assembled the prototypes and started the DFM work to prepare the product for manufacturing.

A lot of changes were made to the initial prototype design such as the LED which had too low intensity as you can see below.

And now, we are ready to bring the Flic to you...The Journey is yet to be over.



Why we need your help


We can all agree that smartphones are a huge part of the 21st century. Everything is getting integrated around the smartphone and most recently even our homes and cars. With Flic we want to make all this fantastic technology which our smartphones enable accessible to everyone. The next step after Flic is even more exciting but first we need your help to bring Flic to the market.






Where the Funds Will go


The hardware is close to done with most of the DFM work already made. With a successful campaign we will start ordering the tools needed.

We have come this far and now we need your support to take the next step. We will be working closely with the manufacturers to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and you getting your Flics in time.



Meet the Team




There's always risks that can delay the process before Flic gets into your hands. We thought it might be good to share some of them so you know what we are dealing with.

Component supply: Flic, or any product for that matter, contains a significant amount of components. These components come from different suppliers which have different lead times for their components. If ONE of these suppliers has a short supply or a long leadtime this will delay the entire production, if a substitute is not found for that component.

Enhancements in production: When in production there are a couple of parameters that can be improved during the process such as the color, click feeling, translucence, IP class etc. Making such enhancements during the process will be in order to improve your experience with Flic. We will do everything we can to ensure that Flic ships with superior quality.

Shipping and customs: When we start shipping there's always a risk of the product getting stuck in customs, either when we are receiving the products from the factory or shipping them to you. We have prepared as well as we can and hopefully there won't be any delays.


Forgot to add shipping?

Use the box to the right of the video to add shipping. Please add $5 shipping for 1x Flic or $10 for 2x Flics or more. For shipments within the U.S. or Sweden shipping is free.

How do I choose color?

When we're close to shipping we will send you an email to confirm your address and then you'll be able to choose color as well.

1. What is Flic?

Flic is a wireless shortcut button that sticks to any surface and can trigger any function on your smartphone, such as your music or ordering a Taxi.

2. How do I trigger my Flic?

Flic connects to a smartphone (both IOS and Android) or similar. When flic is pressed, it uses the device to activate a function predefined by the user. This function can either be something directly on the device - such as make a loud sound so the user can find it - or something else such as turning on a light or starting music on the stereo.

3. How many functions can I predefine my Flic with?

You can predefine three different functions per Flic – ClickDouble Click and Hold. These functions are easily changed in the Flic app.

4. How does my Flic work?

Flic uses Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE) to communicate with your smartphone.

5. What is the range of my Flic?

Flic works up to 150 feet (50 meters) away from your device/smartphone.

6. How do I attach my Flic to a surface?

Flic comes with a double sided adhesive so you can stick it to any surface. If it gets dirty, just wash it with soap and it will be as new.

Flic’s battery hatch can also be exchanged to one with a clip-on (so you can wear Flic).

7. Can my Flic go outside?

Yes, Flic will be weather-proof. Not yet tested against exact IP class.

8. What is my Flic’s battery life?

We have optimized the battery life to last as long as possible. For most use-cases it will last up to five years or 60 000 clicks, see more details under question 12.

But just in case Flic still has a replaceable battery. Just twist the backside and replace it with a regular coin cell battery (CR2016).

9. How many Flic’s can I have to one device?

Short answer, there is no limit. Longer answer, for most use-cases Flic will be in Passive mode which doesn't have a limit to how many Flics you can have using one device.

10. How is my Flic different from a NFC-tag?

With NFC you always have to have the smartphone in your hand and scan your tags, considering that you scan it right and don't have to rescan it. A lot of people don't find NFC tags easy enough to use in their everyday life.

With Flic on the other hand you can launch your actions with a simple press of a button, as long as the smartphone is somewhere nearby. The button interface is simple enough for (almost?) everyone.

11. What material is my Flic made of?

The outside has a custom silicon rubbery coating that gives Flic an exclusive feeling.

12. How can Flic have such a long battery life?

Flic works in three different modes. In the most common mode which most use-cases will use, Flic will practically be turned off all the time until it's pressed.

13. I want Flic to work with my app, what do I do?

Contact us at



For press inquiries please contact
Want to implement our API into your existing App? Contact us at

Who are you?

We are a Swedish team of entrepreneurs and engineers with a shared passion for building awesome products. We have been working to bring Flic to the market for over a year. We are so proud to finally be able share it with you.

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Created on 2022-12-11 13:37:24