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For the amazing kids of today!

By Matas Petrikas

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Ended 07/02/2023

"Support Avakai by @vai_kai on @Kickstarter! An interactive wooden toy for kids, no screens required."

— Matas Petrikas and
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Avakai are play companions that encourage screen-free play and emotive communication. The lovingly crafted, durable and locally sourced wooden figurines use Bluetooth technology, bridging the gap between traditional toys and mobile devices. Avakai superpowers inspire imaginative and social activities for kids, together with their families and friends.

The technology inside Avakai allows it to sense proximity, touch and movement, reacting with sounds, colored light and haptic feedback. The Avakai work best in pairs, but even with one figurine kids can already start playing and communicating with another mobile device, that has our app installed.

Vai Kai was founded by two people who wanted to change the way children are affected by the today’s world, Justyna & Matas.

To bring Avakai to live we need to prepare for tooling, manufacturing, testing and certifications. This is where we need your support. We need your help to cover the costs of our first production run.

Let’s create new play experiences together!

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Created on 2023-06-26 12:25:49