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"Get the latest issue of Sexy Challenges - Puzzled / Time Warp for FREE on Amazon, just go and Download it!"

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We are giving away the newest Sexy Challenge - Puzzled / Time Warp for FREE on Amazon

October 14-18, 2016


Sexy Challenges gives you two new challenges to help you improve your relationship in one issue, with Puzzled - Time Warp.

Couples all over the world are singing the praises of Sexy Challenges and what they have done for their relationship. Giving new hope to relationships in trouble and at the same time taking relationships that are great to an even higher level.

This issue gives you two great relationship building exercises :

Puzzled :

There is no doubt that our relationships are complex yet they are also one of the most rewarding things in our life.

Our relationships are a puzzle in their own right, now in this Sexy Challenge we are going to take that analogy into the physical using an actual puzzle. We are going to use this actual puzzle to show you how you can up level your relationship and bring it together just like the pieces of a puzzle. Have you ever though how sexy putting together a jigsaw puzzle could be?

Time Warp:

Can our relationship and intimacy bend time? Do we or can we create a time warp or portal with our lovemaking? Time Warp will help you understand just how powerful our passion can be. Allowing us to actually travel back in time if the situations are just right. The power your relationship can produces is unlimited and together you can actually jump into a time warp.

Sexy Challenges invites you to take both these challenges and allow your relationship to experience love in a new dimension. A Dimension of fun and passion that you will want to go back to over and over again.

Make sure to check out the 80+ other Sexy Challenge on the market and get the best for your relationship!

If you can't wait you can get it for right now for 99 cents.  

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