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Friendship-A Short Film

By Jasim Kunhamed

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Ended 04/10/2023

"It is a short film based on the life of five friends, one of them who has an incurable disease. I want to take this"

— Jasim Kunhamed and
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My name is Jasim and I've just left high school, waiting for the final results so I can enroll to a fine arts collegeIt's my ambition to become a graphic designer.

I have acted in a short film Trance (2015) by Vertex Pictures which is still available on YouTube.
Now back to my project. It is a short film based on the life of five friends, one of them who has an incurable disease.

I want to take this short film because I love cinematography and to enter a fine arts college, I need something wonderful to show the authorities that I'm worth entering to the college and I won't be disappointing anyone.

What We Need

Crew payment includes location and permission fees.

If the fund target is not hit, I will have to cut down the expenditure on equipment and on food and drinks.
Other Ways You Can Help

I understand that not everyone can fund. But you can share this on your social networking sites and get audiences. Share this to your friends and family so this project becomes a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to review our campaign.

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Created on 2023-02-28 12:04:57