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Get Paid To Post

By HeadTalker Market

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Ended 01/19/2016

"Do you want to get paid to #tweet? HeadTalker can help! There is #cash to be made from your posts! Join here:"

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The HeadTalker Market is a place where you can start making money for you support on HeadTalker. Simply create a gig and make sure all of the areas are filled on the form. Once your gig is approved, you will be sent an email to your gig link. After a purchase is made on your gig, you will be sent an email with the campaign link. Click on the campaign link and add your support with the social media account that you are selling. Email us "Done" so we can make sure you can get paid. Start your gig here:

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Created on 2015-11-27 13:36:16