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GoDiscover - Tinder of Travel

By Lukas Imrich

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Ended 05/29/2015

"Plan your city experience with @GoDiscover in less than 1 minute #travel #inspiration #planLessExperienceMore"

— Lukas Imrich and
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GoDiscover is the app in which users either accept or reject sites within a city to create a personalized map of the places that they’ve selected. It's all build about as simple as possible, visual experience rather than feeling like planning.

Here comes you, our early supporter Since GoDiscover is basically developed as our free time activity, we seek your help. We are the team of two and would be glad to see you spreading the word. At the moment there are not many ways to get people aware of GoDiscover, so take the action and let others know.

Thank you, Samuel and Lukas

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