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God's Ear- A Play

By Shira Danielle

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God's Ear by Jenny Schwartz is an imaginative play about the grieving process that breaks the boundaries of theatre.  It floats in a spaceless, timeless atmosphere of loss.The story follows a family in the aftermath of the tragic drowning of their son. The characters try their hardest to reach out to one another, but socially prescribed behaviors and language, meant to help them, never quite do. Though not entirely set in reality, the play is honest and genuine in its exploration of grief. The show will be a movement driven experience in the Caplan Studio Theater at the University of the Arts, April 22nd-30th.

As artists, we are always looking for the highest amount of creativity and opportunity for ourselves in our work. This play tests the boundaries of language, movement, and design: it is a thrilling challenge for all of our collaborators. God's Ear dives into an exploration of grief  through its frustrating, hilarious, and devastating qualities.  It is a voice to express our inner struggles with social prescriptions for behavior.The show provides an exciting opportunity for us to build a unique theatrical experience, interactive installation, and art gallery.

Recently, our community at the University of the Arts experienced a loss on our campus.  It was during the time director, Shira Berger, lost two other people within the span of three consecutive weeks. God's Ear  suddenly became incredibly relevant to her personally and to the community around her.  The play depicts grief as abstract and ever changing as it is in reality. Students need a way to talk about grief without being told how to do it "right" or how to "move on" quickly. Shira chose this play as her Senior Thesis and quickly developed ways to extend it past herself and into her community.

 Our team has paired up with other artists at the University of the Arts to compile a Grief Gallery throughout the rehearsal process of the play. The gallery features visual artwork created on the subject of grief and loss. The Grief Gallery is open to any student that wants to contribute work and its curators hold  open art-therapy sessions on various Monday nights until the opening of God's Ear.

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