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Help me go to Coding Bootcamp

By Kyle Jones

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Ended 04/16/2016

"I have been accepted to Galvanize's Fullstack Coding Bootcamp, I am also a recovering drug addict/alcoholic."

— Kyle Jones and
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  I have been accepted into the Full-Stack Immersive coding bootcamp through Galvanize in Denver, but am now being denied for any loan that I try to take out to pay for it. Backstory: “In the middle of our life’s journey, I found myself in a dark wood." Over the past 7 years of my life I have struggled with addiction as well as severe depression. I have been hospitalized multiple times for seizures, overdoses, delirium tremens. I have been in and out of sober living homes, treatment centers, hospitals as well being homeless multiple different times. Nearly all of my debt is medical. I fully understand that everything I listed was a problem of my own making. I do not want to portray the image as if I wasn't responsible for my own actions because of the "disease" concept surrounding addiction. I pushed forward and continued to try to get clean regardless of the repeated failures and the circumstances I was in. After many attempts I have seemingly prevailed and I have now been clean for close to 18 months and over that course of time I have been able to improve my credit score from a 386 to ~550, I have been slowly paying off my medical debt which amounts to around 24k, but at this rate and my current wage of ~18000 annually, it will take me quite a while to pay off. I am willing to do anything to be able to pursue my passion and be given another chance at life. Upon completion of this program with Galvanize I would like to create, or take part in a program that would spread awareness on drug abuse, prevention, as well as the correlation addiction has with mental illness. I see it as a huge problem in today's society and having been through it personally, I feel it would only be right to pursue helping other people get out of the same predicament's that I have worked so hard to escape myself. This loan will be used to help me cover the tuition costs, required Macbook, and food and living costs while attending the Full-Stack Immersive Coding Bootcamp through Galvanize located in Denver, Colorado. With Galvanize's Placement rate of 97% and average starting salary of 77k, even if I were to land a lower end job I would be able to pay back the entirety of this loan within 2-3 years, with all of my debt being cleared up in 4-5 years instead of 10+ at the rate I can currently afford to pay.

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Created on 2023-02-27 12:55:00