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Help Ngaire catch a killer

By Katherine Hayton

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Ended 01/21/2016

"Help Ngaire solve the Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton by nominating my book for selection on Amazon's Kindle Scout"

— Katherine Hayton and
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I'm an independent author and have released three mystery/crime novels over the past couple of years. To help me extend my reach I'm trying out for a Kindle Press contract by submitting my latest novel The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton to Amazon's Kindle Scout platform. This is the first of a trilogy of novels featuring DC Ngaire Blakes. Kindle Scout allows authors like myself to showcase their unpublished novel for a month, during which readers who want to see it published can nominate it for selection. Best of all, readers who nominate a book that's selected for publication by Kindle Press will receive a copy of the novel for free on launch day.

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Created on 2016-01-07 13:23:07