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Humans of Beijing

By humansofbeijingofficial

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Ended 01/22/2016

"The voices of Beijing have disappeared - lets bring them back one story at a time."

— humansofbeijingofficial and
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Who are we? A student-led non-profit organization working towards a better Beijing, based on the belief that the stories of millions in Beijing deserve to be heard worldwide. We are more than another copycat organization of Humans of New York. We plan to harness the power of story telling by channeling it into charitable events with our partners, but we first need to increase our social reach to acquire a larger, more diverse audience. With your help we hope to attain the goal of bringing our organization’s name to an international audience.

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Why should you help? The potential of this organization is amplified by the fact that we are based in Beijing - a community that is at once incredibly international, but unique in that only a small majority of its citizens can truly claim to be connected to the rest of the world. We want to change this by forming bridges for all in Beijing to the wider world. We have expanded our network to multiple international and local schools in Beijing - growing from 30 members to 80 strong in three months - so that we have both international and local reach. Soon, after a heavy promotion period in the coming months, we will be looking to partner with local businesses and organizations to further our cause. In the long run,  we strive to become a recognized organization that not only spreads the voices of Beijing, but also uses its awareness to help support local charities that benefit the people of this diverse city, connecting locals and expats to create more opportunities.

In order to achieve this goal, we will need to expand our reach to a much larger scale - this is where we need your help. By supporting us, you won't just be supporting our growth; you will be supporting the stories and the lives of over 20 million unique individuals that make up Beijing.


Help us strengthen Beijing, one story at a time.

Facebook: Humans of Beijing Instagram: humansofbeijing_official Tumblr: humansofbeijingofficial Weibo: 人在北京_humansofbeijing Wechat: Humans_of_Beijing

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