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Inde - solar amphibian car

By Solar Amphibian

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Ended 04/13/2016

"Inde is solar and human powered amphibian hybrid vehicle, it is fast and comfortable as a car. Free transportation!"

— Solar Amphibian and
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What Is Inde?

In a word – a velomobile. It is solar and human powered amphibian vehicle, it has two seats and a comfort of a car. And it's fast! Unlike the ordinary velomobile, Inde could totally replace your car. We are dedicated to create a new type of velomobile for everyday use, just like the ordinary electric car.

What makes Inde different from an ordinary car?

  • Amphibian. Just go to the water and have fun. Or do a job. Or save somebody or something!
  • Super lightweight. The use of airplane technologies allows achieving rigidity of the body and the best range. The sports cars use them too, but they are heavier, because they aim to be superfast on competitions. In the daily city life they are as slow as any other car.
  • No oil or other fossil fuels… ever. Inde has electric powered drivetrain and batteries, combined with human pedaling assistance power.
  • It is smaller, only two seats, but it has more spacious seats, comparing to a small 4-seats car. And what is the purpose we want to buy big cars – most of the time we travel alone or with one companion. Maybe we think it's necessary to pick more people. But maybe we do not have the opportunity to buy a small one with satisfying comfort, and why not two – for both wife and husband. Now Inde offers such opportunity.
  • Fun to exercise and improve your health and personal strength – everyone loves biking, but often we don't have the chance – bad weather, hurrying to work or too tire after work, too big distance for biking... Now you have the chance to choose – drive it as an electric car or a bicycle.
  • Off-grid – Inde® is equipped with solar panels, but depending on your needs, you may charge it from the electric grid. Anyway, you could make Inde fully solar-powered if you cahrge it with additional stationary solar panels. For longer trips out of the city we will provide battery rental service and you may use an extra battery pack. Another solution will be battery sharing between the owners, which we will support by owners' location through our website (a future site functionality).
  • No air-conditioning - Inde is not perfect. With the present technologies it is impossible to have an air conditioner with a small battery pack. With a larger Battery Pack+ we may provide a small air conditioner, but the overall price will be much higher. These extras will be optional.
  • Less taxes – in many countries the electric cars are tax free. Even if in your country they are not, the three-wheeled vehicles have lower taxes. Usually they are considered not as a car, but a motorcycle.
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