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Learning tools

By Jessica Morales

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Ended 12/25/2015

"Math Interventions for Student Success"

— Jessica Morales and
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My students need a document camera, Algebra tiles for math practice, and algebra manipulatives.

My Students

In our math classroom, we use the phrase "Ask Three Before Me", which means that students should depend on one another to solve problems before they ask the teacher. Through peer based learning, we are hoping to help everyone grow two grade levels in math by May!

Our school is a young charter school, with grades K-8.

Our students are a diverse crowd, representing countries throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe and Asia. Though some of us speak different languages, we all come together in the math classroom to work together. I support 7th and 8th grade students, but I am hoping to use interventions across a greater number of grade levels by creating a systems of supports within the school.

My Project

Students sometimes struggle with basic math concepts and they do not want to come forward about skills they think they should have. Through these resources, students will be able to independently practice concepts that they need to see in a new way. Manipulatives will be a way of literally putting the math into students' hands. Algebra can be somewhat abstract and difficult to understand, but with a hands-on approach, students can learn a more intuitive sense of numbers. Algebra tiles provide a tactile manipulative that assists students in visualizing abstract math concepts. When considering "x times x equals x squared" students can manipulate colored tiles that indeed show a "square" when using the right pieces. A document camera will allow us to work on math problems as other students watch, and more students can observe the process as I help them with a worksheet. It's like having all of them stand over my shoulder, but broadcast on our smartboard!

In a young charter school, we don't always have all the supplies we need.

We don't know we need it until it isn't there! Students should be able to maximize their learning regardless of their environment, and these resources will help them along the way. They need to have extra practice to gain confidence in math skills. When the practice is fun, students are more eager to pay attention and they get more out of it.

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Created on 2015-12-11 17:07:32