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Legal Defense and Medical Fund

By Funded Justice

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Ended 10/02/2015

"Legal expenses have left me burdened! Please help! #DefenseFund #FundedJustice"

— Funded Justice and
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So I have debated a lot about starting this fund. At this point though I am in a very bad position and could use the help. If you can help, great, if not, I completely understand. Some details I need to keep general as there are ongoing legal proceedings. The basics... 1. A close family member who is a minor child under the age of 14, has been battling depression. We hospitalized them for 10 days a few months ago, the medical bills are piling up, and still being accrued since there will be long-term/ongoing treatment and medication. As of 8/3/2015 I have $2,345 in unpaid medical bills, I have paid out at least that much already. 2. Previously mentioned minor child was loosely involved in an altercation. The state's attorney has filed charges against all parties involved against the alleged victim's wishes. It seems that this child is being made an example of how tough on crime the prosecutor is, from what I understand he is running for office. While we have what I feel is a good defense, the retainer along for the felony charge for this child is $2,500, which is likely to quickly be used and more fees will be due. 3. I have already spent a couple thousand dollars fighting in court for what is best for my children. My ex threatened to physically harm one of the children, now that child refuses to visit him. He keeps filing things against me for not forcing this child to go. It is going well and my child is safe, however the lawyer fees are adding up. To date I have paid over $2,000, I still have a $600 unpaid balance and several more upcoming court dates. 4. I am looking at a medical discharge from the Air National Guard for PTSD, this process could take less than 3 months. With the low cost of medical insurance and the income, I receive from my drill weekends the National Guard is worth about $900 a month to my family. I am told that I can apply for disability through the VA, though the last claim I entered took 22 months to complete. As many of you know, I am supporting five children in my household. I make enough money to pay the bills, feed and clothe everyone...but beyond that, these unexpected expenses are becoming a dreaded burden. I have already sold much of my valuables already. I am extremely embarrassed to even ask this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Created on 2015-08-04 13:09:27