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Let’s Break the Silence NOW

By Jo Keeble

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Ended 04/11/2023

"an innovative #domesticviolence #app like no other. This WILL save lives! #breakthesilence #nomore #ItsNotOk #vaw"

— Jo Keeble and
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The idea for this App was borne last year, when I noticed large gaping holes in our services, commitment and support for people in domestic and family violence situations. Violence doesn't discriminate. Every person on this planet has the RIGHT to live without harm or prejudice. After yet another tragedy from domestic and family violence made the news only days ago here in Australia, taking the lives of a mother, her unborn baby and a beautiful and innocent 7 year old, we need to BREAK THE SILENCE. This is UNACCEPTABLE and we cannot wait any longer. The time to act is NOW. Although I cannot divulge the complex & complete details of this App (due to Intellectual Property) I wholeheartedly believe this App will evoke the innate courage to surface from within victims, yet at the same time it will assist dramatically in deterring perpetrators. It is a one-of-a-kind App and there is nothing else like it on the market. In my research I have found that most domestic violence education occurs prior to the violent event, is aimed at prevention via information sources and centres on providing resources to the worldwide Community. The intervention after the trauma is focused on victim safety, breaking the cycle, dealing with PTSD, and starting over. These services are utterly essential in rebuilding lives. However, there is NOTHING available for the victims of domestic and family violence DURING the terrifying trauma itself. THIS APP ADDRESSES THIS! It is worthy of noting too, that this innovative App is in no way limited to domestic violence incidences. I also see it being utilised in areas such as suicide prevention, and hostage and seige situations, to name but a few. Victims will be able to contact Emergency Service personnel when there is no option to call, or be heard (hiding in a cupboard, or locked in a bathroom, for example). Children can be shown how to use it too. It is SILENT. The secret is to remain one step ahead of the perpetrators. This App arms the authorities with the element of surprise, as it is when the victim is heard, and trying to phone for help, that rage in the abuser escalates, and the victim is most vulnerable. This App eliminates this scenerio. The App will be: Free - This App will cost nothing to download. Quick - Easy to use, and fast acting. Individual details are entered on download, and stored in the App. Simple - In moments of terror, this App needs to be simple and straight- forward. Efficient - This App will need constant monitoring and updating. It cannot afford to fail. Silent - an absolute MUST. Secure - Lock screen enabled. The App icon will be changed every six weeks. Responsive - The information and circumstances are in the hands of those that can help INSTANTLY Fast Acting - App must be quick to load. Safe - The App will have a Quick Exit button to take you out of the App immediately. The Lock Screen keeps all details and information safe. Child Friendly - Children can be shown the passcode, and how to use the App. Easily disguised - App icon will not be easily identifiable as a Domestic Violence App. Quick Exit strategy - a one touch Exit button from the App The Impact This App will revolutionise the way we provide help and intervention for victims of domestic violence. It will assist in decreasing the number of domestic and family violence cases, allowing potential victims to live without fear. We also aim to have it deter potential perpetrators from abusing. The biggest Impact: Lives will be saved. There is no impact more important than that.
  • We made our goal in three days and are 100% supported! So thankful to everyone. Please continue to spread the word and let's increase the social reach on this very important subject as much as possible! You know... If everyone reached contributed only ONE DOLLAR, that would be well over 2 MILLION DOLLARS invested into those that need it most?.. Please pledge if you can.. The link is in the header x

    Posted on 2023-03-21 04:47:54
  • Wow! 82% supported in 4 hours!! Thankyou for pledging your social reach to such an important cause.

    Posted on 2023-03-20 09:14:44