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Let’s make it !

By DodgeBawlOnline

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Ended 01/28/2016

"Let's make the world play DodgeBawl Online ! Join our community & spread the word ! Now, let the fun begin !"

— DodgeBawlOnline and
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dodgeball online

Hello people !

I am LudovicB, founder of BreakTheRules Studio.
As a player, I decided to make my company to create my own games as I would like to share my world

I believe in a community that will help that game stand out & support so we can go further & better !

So yeah, let's make it so we can build new awesome games !

Now..The game.. !

DodgeBawl Online
 is an online multiplayer dodgeball game happening in a comics/fantastic universe.
Play up to 6 players (Dodgers) in 3vs3 real time battles, even with your friends !
Each character (among 8) has its own special power allowing him to transform himself for a short time giving his targets malus effects (cannot move or shoot and so on !). Strategies can therefore happen while playing with teammates !
Each battle is very dynamic while enjoying catchy & punchy musics and takes place on colorful fields !

Enjoy !

You can stay in touch on:

~No matter what, keep having FUN !

  • We made it ! Thank you all for your support ! ~No matter what, keep being AWESOME !

    Posted on 2016-01-23 06:35:36
  • Already more than half way through ! People you're awesome ! Let's keep going, let's make it !

    Posted on 2016-01-14 14:49:05