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Let’s unite for clean water

By Watly

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Ended 04/07/2023

"Water for everybody! Amazing mission & technology. This crowdfunding campaign has been launched today! #bewatly"

— Watly and
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  How can I support? #1 Click the Support button above We need your help to spread the word about the Watly crowfunding campaign, at the right moment. With headtalker you can do it in such an easy way. Thank you, you are awesome! #2 By sharing this headtalker campaign and encouraging friends to join. You're really helping us make a difference. Check out the W-Hands bellow, we have an award for you. Not only you're awesome, we also love you!   What is Watly? We are a startup that has been working on a specific technological solution for developing countries during the last three years. With your help we will build our ultimate solution, a machine that provides clean water, electricity and internet connectivity to communities of up to 3,000 people. Our mission is to improve global living standards for the most in-need people in the world. We strive to empower them with new possibilities, enabling them to realize their potential, and dedicating their vital energy to social evolution and education rather than mere survival.

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Our primary product is not necessarily water or electricity, but people happiness and wellbeing. We are inspired by the virtuous synergy between Nature, Humankind and Technology. We know that this better future we are aspiring to achieve starts by not leaving 5 billion of us behind. We believe that abundance for all is currently our grand challenge, but will tomorrow be our common destiny. We create technological solutions powered by clean and renewable energies. They respect and protect the Earth's ecosystem.

We introduce Watly, the most advanced and beautifully designed solar-powered thermodynamic computer HUB in the world.


Share your photo of W-Hands in any of your socials and you can win a high quality 3D printed Watly model valued $300!

Add #bewatly so that we can track you, and the URL of this headtalker campaign.

The winner will be announced on our socials at the end of our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. We will contact the winner through socials.

  • >>>>>>> THANK YOU <<<<<<< We just reached our 250 supporters goal! Thank you for contributing to this amazing project. Now we want to push it up to 500 supporters. A successful campaign is the first step towards making this project grow, and positively change many people’s lives.

    Posted on 2023-03-25 13:59:46