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By Toni Michelle

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"Getting revenge was unavoidable. It had to be done."

— Toni Michelle and
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This novella is meant to be read after Fight for Me. The last living LaRoux sister is pissed and out for revenge. In "Lilliana", the second and final novella to the Captivated Series, follow the brazen, immortal dark conjurer as she sets out on a quest to make her sisters' killers pay. Recommended for readers 16 and up due to mature content. Excerpt The night before the dance, Kai and I were inside my tent practicing things we’re learned. He was already able to mold the black flames into a tight ball and juggle it from hand to hand. I was now working on a force field (which sort of looked like an orb of flames as well) in case we encountered more resistance or fire in the future, but I’m not sure it was going right. According to the spell book, it was supposed to be black like Kai’s flames, but mine was blue. Maybe it had something to do with my being an immortal. Or maybe I had pieces of angel somewhere inside me now. Except… I was feeling anything but pure. If anything the darkness was digging its roots further inside me. Every time I studied, every time I nurtured it, it claimed more space inside me, slowly launching into a euphoric high. Like the kind of high someone might say meth or heroine would give. Except this drug wouldn’t rot my teeth or ruin my life… I didn’t think. Daemon would probably tell you differently. I could see how someone could eventually get carried away with black magic, though. A feeling this good, this powerful and consuming would only seek to completely claim you for its own, so I had to continually remind myself to close the book and walk away when I could feel myself getting too enraptured with madness. I had to keep some shreds of sanity to pull this revenge mission off, after all. “It’s been three weeks,” I said absently to Kai, reading over one last sentence before closing my spell book. I could feel that it was time to put it away for the night. The high was getting so intense that I was having a hard time concentrating. “You ready to go to the school tomorrow?” He closed his book, tucked it under his mattress for later. He gave me a wicked smile. “More than ready.” I smiled back. “It’ll be harder than you think, though. It’s tough to be around them at first. It was all I could do not to snap their necks.” “I’m sure it will be,” he replied, scratching his scarred cheek, “But if you can do it, I’ll be fine.” True. If I could control my temper around them, he would be fine. Kai had the patience of a saint.

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