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LOTUS Life Skills Teen

By Elizabeth Anderson

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Ended 04/1/2023

"Help bring personal empowerment and emotional healing to our most vulnerable young adults!"

— Elizabeth Anderson and
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I have worked with students in drop out programs, refugee centers, migrant worker populations, and students struggling with addiction and emotional and mental disorders. Every single one of them was born innocent and beautiful, a life and a self unique in the universe. With the right personal empowerment skills, they can reclaim their personal autonomy and create the lives they want and deserve. I am designing this program to help the students like these who are still struggling. There is a way out - a way to honor yourself and grow out of any tragedy or chaos. This is my purpose. My mission is to bring personal empowerment work to students in grades 7-12 through the production of a textbook and workbook on living the LOTUS life, surviving and thriving in whatever conditions life gives us. This project is for the development of a program to help struggling teens and young people recover from difficult life experiences. LOTUS Skills is a comprehensive program for schools and districts interested in helping struggling students learn to navigate through life's challenges and develop the academic and personal skills necessary for real success. I will write and publish a textbook called "Life of the Lotus" which will show teens who struggle with mental health, emotional issues, addiction, and other problems stemming from difficult life circumstances how to survive and thrive. Just like the lotus flower grows out of mud, we can grow out of our difficulties. The kind of personal empowerment experience I will bring to students is something that usually is only reserved for professionals who can afford thousands of dollars for a weekend workshop in leadership and empowerment skills. Help me help them!

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Created on 2023-03-16 11:33:40