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LRN.FM Satellite Fundraiser

By Ian Freeman

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Ended 07/04/2016

"Is spreading the message of liberty around the globe worth $0.15 a day to you? Help LRN.FM's satellite fundraiser!"

— Ian Freeman and
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We launched the LRN.FM 2016 Satellite Fundraiser on June 20th.  This year, we're trying out a "headtalker" where if you opt-in via your preferred social media the headtalker site will auto-post a message about the fundraiser to your account(s) as well as the accounts of hopefully hundreds of others at noon on Independence Day, July 4th 2016. The idea as I understand it is that the simultaneous postings will have a greater chance of being seen on the various platforms.  Thank you for supporting our 2016 satellite fundraiser and helping spread the message of liberty around the globe.

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Created on 2016-06-20 15:49:52