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Malawi-End the killings!

By Amnesty International - SARO

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Ended 06/13/2016

"Take action! Stop the ritual murders and discrimination against people with albinism in Malawi! @APMutharika"

— Amnesty International - SARO and
other supporters

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alnbanism   It is estimated that between 7000-10000 people live with albinism in Malawi, a rare genetic condition present from birth that results in a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes and hair.  They live at risk of being abducted or killed for ritual murders associated with witchcraft. There have already been 6 reported killings in 2016 - both adults and children. Take action now! Two-year-old Whitney was abducted from her bed while she was sleeping in April. Baby Whitney’s skull, teeth and clothes were later discovered in a neighbouring village. Her brutal murder follows that of 9-year-old Harry, snatched from his home in February and found beheaded soon after. People with albinism are living in fear. The safe spaces so many of us take for granted – homes and schools – are no sanctuaries. Family members are often involved in the murders and abductions. With the number of attacks on the increase, children are kept away from schools because the journeys there and back are treacherous. Even after death, their bodies are subjected to grave robberies. Their bones are stolen and sold for use in witchcraft. There are other challenges faced by people with albinism in Malawi. People with albinism in rural communities (and their families/carers) are seldom given adequate information on the condition, and how to prevent dangerous sun damage. Because of a lack of melanin, people with albinism are sensitive to sunlight, but they are not given access to sunscreens that would make it easier for people with albinism to live normal lives. There is an urgent need to address these issues. The president of Malawi has expressed concern and support for efforts to improve the lives of people with albinism, but this has not been followed by action. People with albinism are paying for political and social inaction with their lives. This is a matter of life and death. We’re calling on the president of Malawi to:
  • Protect people with albinism from attacks
  • Give the police force resources to adequately investigate crimes related to albinism
  • Bring the perpetrators of albinism-related crimes to justice
  • Tackle the harmful superstitious beliefs perpetuating attacks on people with albinism.

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