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The MM1 Modular 3D Printer

By Sam Weatherly

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Ended 10/29/2014

"Customize your #3DPrinting experience with the MM1 Modular System by #MakerMex now funding #KickStarter"

— Sam Weatherly and
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Our MM1 is not just another 3D printer, it is a comprehensive 3D printing platform that eliminates the need to replace or update outdated printers. What makes the MM1 unique is its modular design and interchangeable extrusion heads, and additional accessories that allow the printer to accommodate advances in 3D printing. Technology has become a game of “out with the old and in with the new,” but the MM1 printer is designed to grow with you over time. Users can customize their 3D printer with accessories such as Wi-Fi capabilities, auto-leveling beds, heated beds, acrylic enclosed walls, and additional extruders that print paste, wood, single and dual extrusions and more.
The MM1 is ready for modification by you! The four current extrusion systems we offer are a single extruder, a dual extruder, a paste extruder and a high temperature extruder - they have each been designed for user-friendly interchanges with a single connector to keep the modular system plug-and-play.
We modeled this printer with versatility and expansion in mind. We have created a platform to provide a unique, customizable experience for those interested in 3D printing. With its customizations, the MM1 can be the perfect printer for anyone – you can print with chocolate one minute and PLA plastic the next. The possibilities with the MM1 Modular 3D Printing System truly are inspiring!


The MM1 comes with a standard extrusion system for printing ABS and PLA, as well as other “low temperature” materials (under 240 Celsius), like PTE, Wood filament, etc. Available add-on accessories:
  • High-temperature extruder for nylon, polycarbonate, etc.
  • Paste extruder for chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic, and other pastes for experimenting
  • Dual extrusion system for bi-color and support material
  • Flexible extrusion system for optimizing soft filaments
  • Auto-leveling bed for beginners and children
  • Heated bed attachment
Single extruder attachment (left) and dual extruder attachment (right)
Single extruder attachment (left) and dual extruder attachment (right)
Paste extruder attachment (left) and high-temperature extruder attachment (right)
Paste extruder attachment (left) and high-temperature extruder attachment (right)
With your support, we look forward to testing and developing even more 3D printing add-ons! Check out our other modular printing heads on Sketchfab! MODULE AND FILAMENT OPTIONS
HERE'S HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR PLEDGE NUMBER FOR ADD-ONS AND FILAMENT: 1. Determine the total cost of the additional modules and filament you’d like to add to your order – if you want a double extruder module [$249], one order of Conductive ABS filament [$49] and one order of Photolum Stick Filament [$39], then $249 + $49 + $39 = $337. 2. Add that total to your initial pledge number – if you backed at the $1,299 level, then $1,299 + $337 = $1,636. 3. From the MM1 Kickstarter campaign page, click the blue “Manage Your Pledge” button. 4. Update your pledge amount and leave your reward selection as is – we will send out a survey at the end of the campaign where you’ll be able to tell us what you’ve ordered 5. Click the green “Continue to next step” button 6. Click the blue “Confirm” button and you’re good to go!




  • Printer Dimensions: 49 x 37.5 x 49 cm.
  • Weight: 11 Kg
  • Build area: 20x20x20cm
  • Filament: standard 3mm filaments
  • Resolution: 20 microns (0.02mm)
  • Speed: 300mm/s
  • Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, flexible PLA, conductive material, wood-based filament, nylon, polycarbonate, chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic, plasticine clay and much more
  • Multiple printer linking abilities using structural connector system
  • Compatible with any Windows, Mac or Linux-based operating system
  • Supports and uses open source software


Let’s face it, avid technology consumers have been chasing “the dream” for years. Just when you acquire the latest and greatest model, there is something new hitting the market to spend your money on. As a newer market, 3D printing technology has room for exponential growth.
Our dream is to provide a printing platform that can change along with new technology, rather than being left behind the minute something new comes along. Our goal was to design the MM1 platform to potentially be compatible with 3D printing possibilities that are not even a reality yet. Rather than being obsolete in a year or two, the MM1 Modular 3D Printing System will encompass advancements in 3D printing.
Educational Institutions were one of the main focuses for us when developing the MM1 Modular 3D Printing System. The versatility of the MM1 system makes it a great classroom tool. Teachers can use MM1’s cold extrusion system with things like chocolate and Play-Doh to introduce children to the magic that is 3D printing, safely, with no heat. We love seeing the expression on a child’s face when they see what we can make, and even better, when we show that it’s easy for them to do as well. Creating the next generation of Makers through STEM education is extremely important to our company. MakerMex has hosted multiple workshops and seminars lead by a professor of 3D design with our previous 3D printer platforms. We have taken all the research and feedback we have received and applied that information to the MM1 platform to ensure a seamless, user friendly process for beginners of all ages, all the while ensuring that the functionality of our printer was advanced enough to support the needs of even the most experienced Makers.


We have multiple versions of functional prototypes. Most of them are in a beta form with which we have been testing all of the functions of our different extrusion systems. We are also constantly performing calibrations and speed testing to push the printer to its maximum speed and resolution while maintaining reliable functionality. The finished prototypes are what you see in the images on this page.
We print every day and never stop making. Our facilities constantly have the buzz and drone of 3D printers in motion. We enjoy testing new filaments and experimenting with extrusion systems on a daily basis. We experiment with everything from ceramic and play-Doh to flexible PLA’s and wood-based filaments. We love to try new things - some work great, some need a little refinement, but that’s why it is fun!


MakerMex started when co-founder Luis Arturo Pacheco, an architecture student at Univerisad de La Salle Bajio, began using RepRap printers to develop 3D prototypes for college projects with support from co-founder and brother-in-law Sam Weatherly. While incubating at the Paque CIEN, Luis met co-founder Juan Carlos Orozco, an engineer also experienced in 3D printing and automation. The three went on to create MakerMex, the first 3D printer development and manufacturing company in Mexico. Juan Carlos is the head of our engineering and development team. With a Masters Degree from Stanford University, Juan Carlos has applied his extensive knowledge of Electrical Engineering, mechatronics and automation to development of the MM1 platform. Through his 20+ years with his company, ACELAB, the transition into his passion of 3D printing was seamless. Together, our team has a diverse knowledge of 3D printers from Makerbot, Ultimaker and multiple open-source platforms such as RepRap and Prusa. The knowledge our team gathered lead to the ground-up creation of the MM1 platform from completely in-house designed features and specifications. All of our production and development is hosted in our facilities in Leon, Mexico.

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