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More Than a Romance…

By Delaine Christine

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""Please nominate TWISTED for #Kindle Scout and win a #free #ebook""

— Delaine Christine and
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PLEASE HELP ME win a Kindle Scout publishing contract and you can earn a FREE Kindle copy of my newest novel TWISTED.

I am participating in the Kindle Scout Program with my brand new novel TWISTED, the third in the RavenCroft series which can be read as a stand-alone novel. Kindle Scout is a reader powered publishing for never-before-published books. Selected novels receive a five year publishing contract with Kindle Press! So you can imagine how excited I am to be able to participating with some of the best new novelists writing today.

But I’m really gonna need your help with this!

1) PLEASE go to this link and read the FULL excerpt of the Prologue and Chapter One. If you like it – nominate my book TWISTED, the third in the RavenCroft Series. It costs you nothing. It’s quick, and easier than tying your shoes. When you get there, press the aqua colored “Nominate Me!” button. You only need an Amazon account to vote. Thank you so much for all your help! What do you get for doing this? Well, if TWISTED (#3, RavenCroft) is selected for Kindle Scout publication, everyone who nominates the book gets a free Kindle copy!

2) PLEASE SHARE this post with your family and friends asking them to nominate TWISTED as well. You’re
more than welcome to also share it on any and all social media channels–tweet it, pin it, post it on your Facebook and Google wall. Any help getting the word out is most appreciated!  And it will help WIN you a FREE Kindle book!

TWISTED is not your typical story for a love triangle, what with characters with paranormal powers, suspense, action, and a bit of mystery creating a ‘twisted’ tale even those not big on romance will enjoy.  Here is a brief description of my book:

A chance discovery of a series of paranormal fiction novels, by an unknown author in the attic of his father’s ranch home, has the Sheriff of Loveland county Colorado, Kalturek RavenCroft, ‘twisted’ in knots. In order to protect the family secrets shared within the series of books, his family attempt to bring the author known as Angel Stryfe to safety, but at a price. When Angel discovers the RavenCroft’s are real, and that what she’s written is more real then imagined, she learns she’s destined to have children by, a RavenCroft man. But is that man Kalturek? Or will her hopes of love be dashed and will her past continue to allude her? Will Kalturek’s father Bastion RavenCroft be able to prevent a disastrous end to the deadline looming before them all? Or will his son Kalabernus have to live forever with the shadows that torment him?

It might be easier to just hit the link here and read the Prologue and first chapter to get an idea for yourself.

My campaign is live until April 8, 2023 – so I only have a limited time to win a publishing contract from Kindle Press.

I NEED YOUR HELP – so do not delay! Nominate TWISTED today!

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