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My Wings Campaign is now Live

By Aaron Lara

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Ended 04/12/2022

"‘My Wings’ will Launch Unique Campaign for Children On Indiegogo."

— Aaron Lara and
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Happy to announce that My Wings Campaign is Now live On Indiegogo. Please visit My Wings are a new style of children’s shirts that actually have wings. These wings are artistically designed with original art that creatively depict the wings of butterflies, dragons, and fairies. My Wings creative playfulness can fuel a child's learning and development.       These uniquely playful shirts nurture every child's inclination for fantasy and curiosity. Each shirt also includes an activity booklet that playfully helps develop confidence, self-esteem, creative exploration...and to soar in life. My Wings are made of 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton, with digitally printed polyester chiffon wings and sleeves. They are produced by our Fairtrade manufacturers that certify compliance with specific environmental, labor, and developmental standards.                     The My Wings first collection features the magical fairy, mighty dragon, dancing butterfly, and jungle butterfly.Every My Wings shirt design is an original work of art. The wings are stunningly beautiful designs that depict butterfly, dragon, and fairy wings. The printing is on the front side of the wing to give maximum color vibrancy to each wing design; the backside is not as bright. Every My Wings shirt comes with an activity booklet and My Wings card that help develop confidence, self-esteem, and creative exploration. These activities are designed for adults and children to play with together, fostering quality bonding time. My Wings are available in 3 sizes: US 2-4 Y (EUR 98/104) US 4-6 Y (EUR 110/116) US 6-8 Y (EUR 122/128) With the intention of uplifting children around the world My Wings has initiated the charity program, Giving Wings. Here contributions can help fund the production and delivery of My Wings shirts to a growing list of partners in the Giving Wings program. Initially Shriners Hospital for Children and Pay It Forward Sweden will gift the shirts to benefit the children they serve. To order these inspiring My Wings shirts for the children you love or to contribute to the Giving Wings program visit: Contact:

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Created on 2023-02-26 12:01:38