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No One Fights Alone

By Candice & Steph

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Ended 03/31/2016

"Please take a moment to read about my Aunt's fight against cancer. We appreciate any help. Thank you!"

— Candice & Steph and
other supporters

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This is a story about our mom (Cindy)… A mother of four who has battled cancer for two years, and because of her selfless love for her family, her will power, and her faith in the Lord, she continues to fight. She continues to fight knowing that there are many that love her unconditionally… like her faithful and strong husband of thirty years, our dad, Jim… her four children, Rich, Megin, James & Katrina… her four brothers and sisters… and her many wonderful nieces and nephews. All of which cherish her, and appreciate all that she has done for them over the years. This is a story of a mother who has sacrificed for so many, including caring for our late grandfather who unfortunately passed from cancer. Our grandparents instilled such values and morals focused around love and the family. Our mother stayed true to her roots following in our grand parents footsteps and has needlessly put herself aside to help her family, friends, and others in their needs.

Unfortunately, after a two-year battle with cancer, (first starting as breast, and then metastasizing to her bone and at this moment, settling in her in lungs) our mom… a mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend needs help. In today’s society many families deal with the growing costs and out-of-pocket expenses with healthcare. With this in mind, the bills are adding up. Our dad, with no other option or choice, has to continue to work six days a week, 12 hours a day to support the family. This is very hard; my father has missed this time where my mother needs him the most. In addition, the oldest son Rich lives hours from home and is attempting to balance his family, his marriage, his career, in trying to meet the needs of his mother, in whom he loves very much. Megin continues to do the same with her job and daughter. James is leaving for the military in the beginning weeks of March. And Katrina, a 15-year-old sophomore has taken on the responsibilities to care for our mother the best she can, while balancing school, her friends, her teenage years, and her emotions.

The family is truly doing what they can to help, but it’s difficult. It would be greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts if you could so generously donate even the slightest to help relieve some of the burdens on our mother. These efforts would help to ease the pain by providing some comforts as she battles this heartless disease. Goals…

The entire family would first like to lift you all up in prayer and thank you for any donations, prayers or recommendations you may have to help battle this fight against cancer. The monies so generously donated will be used to provide…

·      In-home nursing care
·      Travel expenses for cancer care
·      Proper nutrition
·      Oxygen supplementation
·      Medical bills The Keim Families Unfortunate Journey with Cancer...
·      April 2014 – Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer
·      June 2014 – Double mastectomy
·      July 2014 – Round one of chemotherapy
·      December 2014 – Chemotherapy ends
·      January 2015 – Radiation treatment
·      March 2015 – Radiation ends
·      July 2015 – Brief remission from cancer
·      August 2015 – Diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer in all 
       three sections of the spine and both hips
          o   An extremely painful form of cancer where my 
               mother is in constant pain.
·      September 2015 – Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer
·      January 2016 – The cancer spread to the other lung
          o   Unfortunately the cancer has caused fluid to     
                build up around the lungs causing severe   
                difficulty in breathing.
          o   This fluid needs to be removed often which is a     
                 painful procedure
·      December 2015 – Another round of chemotherapy 
        begins If you are current in social media, you may find additional information and updates on my mother's social media outlets…

            Facebook - Cynthia Franco Keim
            Instagram  - noonefightsalone123

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