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Not Without My Boys

By Hana Gan

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Ended 07/20/2017

"Help bring my boys and I back home to Toronto"

— Hana Gan and
other supporters

Share | How It Works | Embed I'm Hana Gan, a single Canadian Citizen and mom of two boys at the time, I made 'aliya' (emigrated) to Israel in December 2014. Realising my mistake, I  decided to return to Canada with my two sons. At 5 months pregnant, I wanted to have my third child in Canada. My parents put a travel ban on me in January 2015 and applied for guardianship of my two boys. On February 20th 2015 I was stopped at the airport after trying to go to my homeland in Canada. Hidden in a safe house a day later, over 15 police swooped in on us and took my children away from me.  My children are still trapped in Israel now 2 and a half years later, they have a no exit status on their passports.  Many foreign nationals and thousands of Israeli citizens are prevented from freedom of movement to leave Israel. My story is happening right now.  My childrens right to live with their mother in their home country has been taken away, not to mention the heartache and the hardship we have all had to endure being kept in Israel by force.  I have not had the financial capacity to pay for my defense even though I found a great lawyer who's team can help bring justice to my boys and I.  It is a lengthy and very expensive process and I alone cannot handle the expense. I do not know how I've endured such a long time here under these circumstances, but the love I have for my children and the faith in God and the support of good people like you keep me going.  I want to bring us all peace and be able to live back home in safety to raise my children with the love and care they deserve without anyone's or anybody or government control us. Thank you so much for your time and for your support.  Please share share and share to anyone you can and help set my boys free so we can all fly back home and live in the kind of peace and freedom that I will never again take for granted. Love to all!        

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