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PLEASE help battle IIH

By Dave Buehner

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Ended 09/19/2016

"Hello friends (iih) idiopathic intracranial hypertension Awareness. ."

— Dave Buehner and
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Hi. My name is Dave. This is  a photo of me and my girlfriend  . I'm here to tell a  heart wrenching story about Stephanie  two years ago  she was diagnosed with a very rare disease called  Idiopathic intracranial hypertension IIH.  A disease that causes daily  severe  migraines  and  headaches brought on by uncontrollable  high intracranial  fluid pressure  in the brain.  After being diagnosed  by a  neurologist , she was placed on medication called Acetazolamide or Diomax for short,  that it controls the intracranial hypertension. If not treated the migraines can be so severe  that it can put high  ocular pressure which can eventually  lead to total blindness or even death. Her doctor says the disease is weight related and that she along with the medication, has to lose 80 lbs for the disease to go away. She has tried everything but the expensive weight loss treatments, and is unable to lose the necessary weight.
She has been on this medication for almost 2 years and takes 2 pills twice a day and was not fortunate enough   to have this diagnosis at an earlier stage as she already has minor vision loss . With this medication  being long term comes a lot of horrible side effects. They include severe lethargy and tiredness, sharp razor blade like pain in her hands, feet, metallic taste, bladder problems (acts as water pill),, dizziness and the list goes on. Because of her condition and the medication, my girlfriend  had to quit her job. Like everyone else she has bills to pay and the credit card debt keeps piling up. The government is unwilling to help her financially and no one will hire her because she is unable to perform the job productively due to the side effects of the medication.
So I'm writing this to raise money so that the funds can be use to help my girlfriend pay her bills, debt,  start her own kiosk business and to pay for Medical  Weight Loss Program (very expensive treatment that guarantees desired weight loss). If she can lose at least 80 lbs, the doctors are convinced the disease will go awaly and she will no longer have to take the horrible medication. Her life will be back to normal once more. 
Time is the essence  for Stephanie due to the fact that over time, the medication Diomaxx has very harmful effects on the body. It should not be taken over a long period. So the sooner she can receive the desired funding the sooner she can be rid of the disease and have a healthy future with me. She is the love of my life, she's  my rock.
I appreciate all your donations  Every bit helps Stephanie get her life back and builds our future together. I believe the funding will make a world of a difference for her. Thank you again  for your generosity  and good will. Any loved one can get this very rare disease  at anytime. Again thank you all for your kind support :) Please see the uploaded youtube  video located in the gallery for more information  on the disease. :)

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Created on 2023-07-22 11:38:09