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Post Mortem Horror Comic

By Phil Woodward

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Ended 03/23/2016

"The time has come to breathe life into our brainchild. Support this project on Kickstarter and grab a copy"

— Phil Woodward and
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The time has come to breathe life into our brainchild. We have hooked up the Kickstarter electrodes and flipped the switch. Thunderous zaps light up the sky, revealing frightening illustrations of our hard work.

What would you do if you woke up dazed, in an unfamiliar place, paralyzed and incapable of making the simplest of sounds? With the use of limited sight you bear witness to horrific events. Unable to establish whether you're dreaming or facing a chilling reality.

Bodies eviscerated, stripped of their innards and a battery of murderers stalking the halls. Your only course of escape lies within a cloudy past, and even if you succeed, you may not be the same person.

An eerie concept which cements the foundation of our first issue. A story of survival and mortality all entwined with some vile surgical procedures. A genuinely vivid portrayal of our thoughts, which would set the tone for future releases.


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