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By Seppy

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Ended 03/29/2016

"Nothing is hopeless... not while there's life."

— Seppy and
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First and foremost, thank you for taking time to be here. This campaign's goal is to cover up to half of the tuition for the 1-Year Program at NYFA. I want to share with you my ideas and ambitions of entertaining people in both streaming and, eventually, acting. A love for movies is quite the understatement, but none-the-less a very serious reality for me. I honestly can not think of a fair way to express how immense my passion for films can be and the interest I have for acting. It is the only thing I can see myself doing in my life as a career and as a way to convey my personal endeavors throughout my life so far. That is just the very basis of why this campaign was created. Acting has been on my mind almost every day for the past 7 years. I had been scheduled a class in my senior year of high school, 'Themes In Film', and was enamored with every other aspect of film as well. Be it cinematography, direction, story, characters, it all intrigued me. Above all, acting grabbed me the most. I want to be able to be a crucial part of something that can challenge a person's beliefs or mindset. I want to inspire, educate and provoke people through my acting. It has been the toughest 5 years since my father had past. It was a moment in my life that tore me apart as much as it made me grow and appreciate the world around me, even the lesser things. I want to project the experiences in my life through film and embrace the emotions I feel every day whether it be from life's hardships or comforts. Acting will be my outlet and the characters I plan to portray will be an outlet for the viewer. For better or for worse, finding a connection within the film. Any money earned will go directly towards these ambitions. There is no specific due date for this goal, just as soon as it can happen is all I can ask for. If you're interested in delving deeper into my personal interests or if you'd like to just have a friendly conversation you can do it on Twitter or when I happen to go live on Twitch at . :)
  • Hey all of you lovely supporters! I am currently selling some designs over at and this is just another way of directly funding my future tuition. :) + if you have any suggestions for new designs be sure to tweet them to me!

    Posted on 2023-01-30 18:07:22