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Project NOR

By Sebastian Lawe

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Ended 01/22/2016

"An FPS based on teamwork and strategy!"

— Sebastian Lawe and
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What Is Project NOR? 

Project NOR is an Arena Shooter that tries to focus largely on team coordination, something most FPS games seem to lack. We've made it so its almost impossible to be a one man army in any situation. There is no killing other players, simply preventing other players from completing their objectives by stunning, using EMPs, spawning blockades, and teleporting. We've shifted the focus from killing other players to win, to successfully completing the objective at hand.

When the idea of making a first person shooter came to mind, we decided to figure out what it is that the FPS genre currently lacks, and make a unique set of mechanics. What we realized is that most FPS games lack actual team coordination or strategy most of the time. So, this game has been given a set of mechanics that makes you underpowered without other teammates to accompany you.


Project NOR will support online play with others and offline play with bots. We've also put in the effort to make sure that local 4 player split screen is supported on all platforms. Couch Co-Op is still a fun and engaging way to play with friends, and its sad that certain AAA multiplayer experiences have made the choice to leave such a feature in the dust.


Project NOR allows the player to stun, spawn emps, teleport enemy players, and spawn walls.

Stunning shoots out slow moving blasts of electricity at other players. When a player is hit, they are temporarily blinded and immobilized.

Spawning an emp stuns players within its radius, but has a long cooldown.

Teleporting an enemy moves them to the furthest location from you, but has a long cooldown. Wall spawning can be used to temporarily block paths in order to buy time, and has a short cooldown.

These mechanics make some new problems for players to figure out in common situations, and these problems can only be solved with teamwork.

For example, if one player encounters two enemy players, said player could in theory stun both players. The problem, is that both players are in the same location they were before, and can continue pursuit after their stun is over. The lone player could also teleport one of the enemy players, but again, you run into the problem where you'd still have a player able to pursue you until your teleport cooldown is over. If you remain in a group of two at minimum, you'll have a better chance in battles. This will require teamwork and coordination.

Why Kickstarter? 

Because Project NOR is very different from conventional first person shooters, we've turned to Kickstarter to avoid dealing with the fact that publishers tend to only like mechanics that have proven to sell. We also want to avoid investors if we can, as that could completely alter the end vision of the game.

The money will go towards dev hardware, and running servers until we can make the game self sufficient in generating the required revenue to pay server costs.

What platforms? 

We plan on targeting Steam (PC), Windows Store, Wii U, and Xbox One.

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