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Real-time social ridesharing

By Lazooz

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Ended 06/03/2015

"Join the social ridesharing community by pre-purchasing your first trips today #lazoozorg"

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Cheap, reliable and effective transportation is a basic need for the individual in society. Despite recent major technological advances, moving from place to place remains expensive, inconvenient, and ultimately unsustainable. Infrastructure overload created by saloon cars used by just a single person often leaves us stuck in traffic frustrated and surrounded by an abundance of empty seats.

The La`Zooz community of developers, designers, dreamers and drivers are together creating a sustainable transportation network. Connecting drivers with passengers using advanced matching algorithms, La'zooz enables real-time ride-sharing that is both safe and social. Joining the La'Zooz community, early adopters build with us the foundations on which the network can blossom.


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Created on 2015-05-20 10:05:00