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Release of Eternal Springs

By Castle Dragon

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Ended 03/25/2017

"Join Castle Dragon as we celebrate the release of Eternal Springs, book one in the Supernatural Island Series"

— Castle Dragon and
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      Hosted by Castle Dragon Books Join Castle Dragon as we celebrate the release of Eternal Springs, book one in the Supernatural Island Series by Raven Bohannon.  Here is a preview into Chapter One....

Chapter One


  Lying in bed listening to the rain pour against my windows I wondered if there was a better place to live. Heather had just finished beating me. She’s not my mom, she is someone who told me my mother given me to her. My own mother did not want me anymore. It makes me wonder if my dad even wanted me, who is my father, where is he from? I speak differently from my friends here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I have kind of an Irish lilt to my voice. Today by magic a package suddenly appeared, it was addressed to me. I happened to find it before Heather could get her evil hands on it. Inside of the package was a letter from my father, as well as a strange ring with a dragon on it. The diamonds in the dragon’s face looked real, I slipped it onto my finger, it is very beautiful. Morning came, I decided to pack my clothes in preparation for a visit to the Thomas’ house. The misfits are there, Thomas, Mark, Bryan, Henri, Danny are the boys. The girls are Sharon, Jenny, Terry and of course Lillith. Sharon is one of my best friends,and had started treatments for cancer. Sharon’s mother kicked her out because she no longer wanted her, I know that feeling. Heather the woman who thinks she is my mother happens to be my friend Sharon and Jenny’s mother. I climbed out of the window. The letter securely tucked inside my shirt. I quickly knocked on the Thomas’ door, Mark answered it. With a frown on his face he asked, “Lillith what is wrong?”   “A lot is wrong Mark sorry to wake you up, please go back to sleep.”   “Now how can I do that when my best friend, a sister needs             me. Want some coffee I could go for a cup?”   “Sure.”   Noticing his friend is dripping wet he handed Lillith a towel. Starting to dry off she took the letter out of her pocket. (Before reading the letter Mark asked her how is she bleeding.)   “What happened to you?” Mark asked “Heather beat me with a belt, the buckle looked to have                   spikes on it.”   Without another word said Mark started to clean her wound. Curious Mark watched her and asked,   “Who wrote that?”   “My dad. It came for me, I took it from Heather’s desk.”   Mark looked shocked at her admission of taking the letter, yet stood over her shoulder reading it with her.       My dearest Lillith, if you are reading this I ask that you please put the ring on. It is a your birth ring and made especially for you. It will enable me to come you my daughter. Since you were taken from my side I have searched nonstop for you. My heart will remain empty until I have you safe in my arms again. Day and night I have wondered if you were being taken care of or if Heather has killed you. Many friends including your brothers have been out searching. There is no one days that has gone by when I have stopped looking for you. Your twin brother stopped celebrating the day you were both born.       Lillith, I have done some unthinkable things in trying to get you back home. I killed your mother for betraying me and giving you away. I hope the ring and the letter finds you in good health. I do not feel you are dead. I have to believe in my heart daughter that you’re are still alive and can contact me through the ring. If you want me princess, please push the dragon’s eye. We can then talk to each other. Push the dragon’s arm and you will be able to transport home. I am waiting for you my daughter. I sit and wonder how beautiful you have become. Do you look like me as you did when you were a child? Do you still like the color purple? Are your favorite flowers still Jasmine and Orchid? Do you still go on treasure hunts like we used to together? Do you even think of us? Please Lillith call me through this ring, let me come to you or you can come to me it is your choice.”                    Love you forever my princess,                                          Daddy    

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