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SOCIALWERK: Sitcom Webseries!

By Ann Kadar

Created 1 | Supported 2

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Ended 04/12/2022

"Stars:Bryan Batt(MadMen), Ann Mahoney (Walking Dead), Jonathan Woodward (Buffy) The FIRST sitcom about social work!"

— Ann Kadar and
other supporters

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Ann Mahoney (The Walking Dead, Rectify, Barefoot)

Bryan Batt (Mad Men, 12 years a Slave)

Jonathan Woodward (Firefly, Angel, Notorious Betty Page)

The story:

Sloane Millicent Sharper had JUST arrived home in her native New Orleans with a Master's Degree in Acting and the cockiness to match, when The-Disaster-that-Shall-Not-Be-Named struck. For now... to survive.... she must give up her dream of being a famous actress and take......A TEMP JOB.

In her first day on the job she is instantly promoted to Office Manager. Her job? To wrangle this rag-tag group of largely unqualified social workers, who work for a tiny local social work organization: Disaster Initiative Coalition, or D.I.C.

Their intentions are pure.

Their methods are suspect.

Their results? Inspiring!

Sloane thinks she has a lot to teach them, but in the time she spends working with the DIC Krewe she discovers SHE is the one in real need of...


A Comedy of Disasters. To Tickle Your Fema Bone.


Episode 101:

Sloane Millicent Sharpe accidentally turns a temp job into a full-time Office Manager job on her first day. She meets the DIC Krewe.

Episode 102:

Sloane has her first encounter with the supply closet curmudgeon BURT, and also inadvertently hijacks Vanessa Sly's case. The war between Sloane and Vanessa begins...

Episode 103:

Sloane meets a cute boy (Lennin Drew) at the coffee shop while picking up coffee for the DIC Krewe. She also takes the war with Vanessa up a notch. We meet client Reuben Farrell who lost his dog and tools in the disaster. Sloane begins to implement some organizational ideas in the office.

Episode 104:

Sloane delivers her special revenge to Vanessa. The DIC Krewe fight to get their communal bathroom to be less awful... in every way. The DIC Krewe head out for after work drinks, and to see Plexipus' heinous stand-up routine.

Episode 105:

Sloane gets her slacker roommate PJ a job. Aloona asks that the sticky notes be organized, Vanessa volunteers Sloane for the delightful job. PJ discovers that he will be part time in Foster Care & Adoption, and part time in Database Creation/Entry with DIC. We find out about Crushanda's history before she came to DIC, and the "divine intervention" that brought her to social work.

Episode 106:

We find out how Wombat became the language specialist at DIC, and we learn about Burt's created position of "Supply Closet Manager." Sloane walks everyone through her creative organization of the sticky notes, sticking it to Vanessa once again.

Episode 107:

PJ and Sloane end up having to bring a foster care kid home with them, thwarting Lennin's hopes to get a date with Sloane. When the foster kid is a maniac, Plexipus saves the day.

Episode 108:

We see how the DIC Krewe have used the funds for a Fujianese client with a special Powerpoint presentation. We meet client LUCKY, an out of work Leprechaun for kid parties.

Episode 109:

Sloane makes a bet with Miss Betty that she has nothing in common with Vanessa, and loses - publicly and badly. The DIC Krewe gather at the bar for after work drinks to witness Sloane's punishment. Lennin shows up at the bar and walks Sloane home....

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Created on 2023-04-01 16:34:27