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Sugar, We’re Going Down 2

By M. H. Soars

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Ended 03/26/2017

"Sugar, We're Going Down is the sexy rockstar romance you can't miss. #NewAdult #Romance #99cents #amreading"

— M. H. Soars and
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EMOTIONAL. CAPTIVATING. SEXY. The long-awaited story of the incorrigible bad boy rockstar and the feisty woman who brought him down to his knees. They say nothing compares to the first kiss. That sentence needs to be amended. Nothing compares to the first kiss from Oliver Best. I knew in the moment our lips touched that the cocky rockstar would be forever imprinted in my mind. I also knew that loving him would be my destruction. And yet, love him I did. Oliver Best, former rockstar, heir to one of the largest fortunes in Great Britain, and the country’s most infamous bad boy. Saylor Blue Carter, college drop-out, lead singer of a struggling band, not a penny to her name. When they met, it was hate at first sight. Oliver was an arrogant ass. Saylor was a cold hearted bitch. These were the thoughts they had for each other. Until that kiss. That life altering, earth shattering, nuclear kiss. They knew what that kiss meant. They knew anything between them would be explosive and without hope for a happily ever after. So they vowed to forget, they tried to stay away. But now with their best friends’ wedding approaching, all bets are off. *This is Part One of a 3-Part story. PRE-ORDER FOR ONLY $0.99 AND RECEIVE 2 EBOOKS AS GIFT!

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Created on 2017-03-12 14:53:07