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SWITCH AntiTrafficking Network

By Alexis Mahan

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Ended 08/31/2016

"With 30 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, there's never been a greater need for awareness and action"

— Alexis Mahan and
other supporters

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  The SWITCH Anthem and Music Video Project With over 30 million people worldwide made victims of human trafficking, there has never been a greater need for awareness to be raised and action to be taken concerning this epidemic.   Feeling led to shine a light on the shocking realities of the rapidly growing industry of human trafficking, Alexis Mahan, a college student, vocal artist, and advocate of the anti-trafficking movement, wrote an anti-human trafficking music video script. Alexis’ vision for the music video led her to write an anthem for the video that is a  cry from victims to humanity to wake up, speak up, and stand up for those enslaved. In highschool, she began working with Dr. Marlene Carson, human trafficking survivor, speaker, activist, The SWITCH founder, and founder of Rahab’s Hideaway, an organization that was started nine years ago in Columbus, Ohio that provides rehabilitation and recovery for victims of human trafficking in Ohio. Dr. Carson travels around the world, educating people on the realities of human trafficking and rescuing and providing restoration for victims. Alexis Mahan and Dr. Marlene Carson, have partnered together along with producers, artists, and advocates to create the SWITCH Anthem and Music Video.  “A Different Angle, A Different Outcome” Our culture is shaped by media. By involving influential leaders, artists, public figures, young adults and teens, this video can contribute largely to shaping the culture’s perception about and involvement in the Anti-Human Trafficking movement. By approaching the issue of human trafficking from a different angle, through the use of a culturally relevant music video, we can successfully achieve the outcome of a more engaged and informed culture, where individuals are excited about being unified under the vision of The SWITCH. This video will not only promote the new anti-trafficking National Anti-Trafficking Network, The SWITCH, but also:   Educate: The video will educate viewers on the different demographics and aspects of human trafficking. It will also inform individuals about the warning signs of someone who is being trafficked. Raise Awareness: The video will bring awareness of realities of human trafficking, breaking down false stereotypes about human trafficking and shining a light on some of the surprising realities. Empower: We will empower youth, survivors, advocates, organizational leaders, public figures, artists, etc. by involving them in the cast of the video. This video will not only inspire its viewers to join the movement to end human trafficking, but it will also empower them to take action in the anti-human trafficking movement and join The SWITCH National Anti-Trafficking Network. Unite: This video incorporates people from all walks of life unified behind the common goal of fighting against human trafficking. The video also promotes The SWITCH, which aims to unify and recruit human trafficking awareness advocates nationwide. Your financial support will enable us to pay for the filming, marketing, promotion, travel, and outreach expenses related to the video and movement. For more information on The SWITCH  movement and the Founder,  Dr. Marlene Carson, go to   I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about myself, The SWITCH Music Video Project, the anti-human trafficking movement, and how you can get involved.   ANY amount is a blessing. Help me, and all those involved in The SWITCH National Anti-Trafficking Network, fight for FREEDOM! Thank you for your support :) God Bless, Alexis Mahan

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Created on 2016-08-16 15:53:24