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Teatime of the Living Dead

By Julianne Johnson

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Ended 04/10/2017

"Nominate my novel, Teatime of the Living Dead, on Kindle Scout and get a free eBook if it's selected."

— Julianne Johnson and
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My paranormal suspense novel, Teatime of the Living Dead, is in the middle of it's Kindle Scout campaign.  If it's selected to be published by Kindle Press, everyone who nominates it will get a free copy of the eBook.  But I need to get the word out.  Share this on your social media to help get the word out about Teatime. Andrew Hamilton believes in friendship, good theatre, and that Twizzlers are an underrated member of the candy family. He does not believe in magic. His current play is going great, until the actors playing the zombie horde turn homicidal. Zombie madness spreads through the city and the creepers have one thing in common: they all want to kill Andrew. Magic not only exists, it has rules and deadlines. If he can keep ahead of his stumbling and drooling fan club until teatime, he might survive. They're coming for you, Andrew.

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Created on 2017-04-05 08:53:09