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We’re happy to announce Newswire has acquired HeadTalker!

From the beginning of HeadTalker, we have always placed the comments and happiness of our community first and we believe with this acquisition, we’ll continue to build out our vision for social media virality for brand campaigns as well as improving the opportunities to our user base.

Newswire and HeadTalker are committed to create new and better ways to take a social media message viral.

For now, HeadTalker with continue to function as it does today. Your Headtalker account and campaigns will continue as normal and we’ll be providing more details on upcoming plans for Headtalker in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Team HeadTalker and Newswire

The Beginning

By Arthur David

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Ended 07/01/2017

"New book, new cover, new stores"

— Arthur David and
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I released Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning this last January to little fanfare. I released exclusively to Amazon to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited. I have seen very few people read via Kindle Unlimited. So now, on July 1st I am releasing to a wider audience via Smashwords. Smashwords will in turn release it via Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, iBooks, and many others. It could even end up in libraries. But I need to get the word out. So I'm asking all of you, through headtalker, to help spread the word. By signing up, headtalker will post using your social media accounts a simple message about the new release. The service is free, you're not charged anything, it never posts again, just a one time thing. And you help spread the word about an indie published book. One that so far has gotten positive reviews. Thank you for your support! Arthur David  

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Created on 2017-06-21 12:53:13