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The Couple Spot

By Rob Alex

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Ended 04/24/2016

"If your in a relationship or ever want to be, this is the site you need to be visiting often."

— Rob Alex and
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THE COUPLES SPOT is a concept crafted by Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex.  It original started in 2009 as a simple blog.  Giving advice and suggestions to couples in the hopes of creating a better relationship and life for those couples that came crossed the blog.  As time went along The Coupes Spot grew and developed many different aspects, such as Sexy Challenges, Mission Date Night, and Authors Talk About It.  However the blog remained pretty much in the shadows of those afore mention brands.   2016 is the time for The Couples Spot to come out of it’s emergence to a full blown brand itself.

The Couples Spot is transforming from a simple blog to a full blown mobile and virtual trade show for couples.   Featuring many different items to help couples improve all areas of their relationships.  Like most of you out there Drs. Rob and Janelle, are an ordinary couple, so they wanted to not just feature times to spice up your sex life, but they wanted to find those products that spiced up your relationship on an entire new level.   Brining you quality products, services and goods so you don’t have to guess when making those selections.

This power couples of Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex has quite a bit of experience in the field.  Dr. Rob was spend 5 years of his work life specifically in the trade show industry.  His understanding of the behind the industry from the planning to execution helps him understand both the customers and vendors perspective.  Dr. Janelle has spend the vast majority of her adult life putting together shows, events, and performances.  She brings the polish and amazing ability to pull everything together.  Together they have more talent in this area then many of the actual shows out there today.

The Couples Spot being this virtual trade show for couples has many beautiful pieces.  For starters it never closes.  24 hours a day all year long the show is open and available to the general public.  It is also FREE to attend, there is never any fees to view this online trade show.  Next it is constantly updated, allowing you to stay up to day on the latest trends and amazing items, products and services.  You also don’t have to wait for the show to show up in your area.  Even if you live in the most remote area, as long as you have internet access you can attend the show.  Cost is a huge aspect we are helping to avoid.  Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to travel to trade show after trade show, and when they do you know that money is going to be reflected in the prices of their products or services.   Now for some the best part is that you can attend this show in private, no crowds, no feeling uncomfortable, and no travel.  It can actually be an intimate evening for a couples to share just browsing around The Couples Spot.

Quality is also an important part of The Couples Spot.  Drs. Rob and Janelle want to make sure they are passing along amazing items.  Almost every item they recommend has been tested by them to make sure it passes their testing standards.  Simply put if they wouldn’t bring it into their relationship it’s not going to hit The Couples Spots virtual trade show floor.

Rest assured that The Couples Spot is here to help make your life, relationship, friendship and sex a whole lot better.  So brows around, do you research and take your relationship to a higher level.  Remember caring in sharing so make sure to pass along The Couples Spot to your friends an social media contacts.  The more people we have showing up the more we can give.

Peace and Love,

The Couples Spot Team

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