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The Disability Channel

By Icarus Telford

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Ended 11/06/2023

"I'm watching The Disability Channel Live on Youtube Right Now!"

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The Disability Channel showcases abilities and incredible stories of people with disabilities. Share this campaign to promote our LIVE Youtube showcase on November 6, 2023 The Disability Channel is a channel that supports, educates, promotes, and employs persons with disabilities. Here at TDC we have become an information hub for the disabled and our community. TDC is the only television channel which is totally inclusive to all categories of individuals. This includes content, acting and staff working behind the scenes. We encourage all walks of life to take part in this special journey. We are especially grateful for the support, kindness and involvement from both the disabled and abled bodied communities! Objectives 1. To bridge society’s gap regarding persons with disabilities and disability issues. 2. To produce Television and Online content for persons with disabilities. 3. To employ, educate and support persons with disabilities. 4. To provide a professional and supportive environment for persons with disabilities to succeed in the work place and life. 5. To develop and mentor business relationships, integrating communities. 6. Continue to build awareness of persons with disabilities within the arts and the world.

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