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The even more amazing Amp

By Brian Foshee

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Ended 03/29/2016

"If you use a microphone you're doing it wrong. It's time to stop wasting time and money. Never buy another amp."

— Brian Foshee and
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Before I get to the story here is some important info for those of you who are not familiar with Happie Amp / Amazing Amp.

Click here to see a review by Bob Tobias, independent product reviewer

Is Happie/Amazing Amp Loud Enough?

Lou Johnson cell phone thank you video – Happie Amp

I am Brian 'Happie' Foshee.  B. Happie is my stage name.  I am a magician.  This is the crazy story on how I ended up the president of an electronics manufacturing company.

From 1998 to 2007 I lived in New Jersey and performed magic shows full time.  At the height of my career I was doing about 400 shows a year.  I needed a small portable PA system.  The only one on the market was about $800.  All said and done mine was $1000 with accessories.  I had it for just over a year and someone knocked it over during a show and it was DEAD!  The company refused to fix it!!  I couldn't find anyone else to do it either.  :-/

I found a $200 PA system and feared it would be garbage but I tried it anyway.  It was the best PA system I ever saw!  Every one of my performer friends who saw it also purchased one.  I realized I was on to something and I wanted to improve some aspects of the amp.  I became a distributor and began making improvements.  Customers nicknamed the amp "Happie Amp" since my stage name is Brian Happie.  So, it became the company name!  We since have changed to Empower Sound and renamed the amp 'Amazing Amp'.

We have made so many changes from the original but the outer casing is perfect for sound and remains the same.  It still looks like other amps on the market but our customers know the truth.  It is what street racers call 'a plain wrapper'.  It looks plain on the outside but boy does this baby fly!

It may not sound like much but minor changes come with huge expense.  We are looking for your assistance in exchange for amazing rewards in order to add BT wireless receiving capability for wireless music connectivity from your cell phone and other devices.  We are also separating the volume controls for each wireless channel so each can be set on different volumes and each can be shut off as needed.  We will also be including 3 rechargeable batteries with each unit and including a charging port for rechargeable 9V batteries.

Here is a basic list of the features of the new Amazing Amp BT

2 wireless channels with individual volume controls so 2 people can speak at once and volumes can match no matter how loud of soft they speak.

Wireless connectivity to tablets and phones for music that works at the same time as 2 wireless devices

3 rechargeable 9V batteries included

Loud enough for 400 people indoors or 200 outdoors

Comes with 2 headsets, 2 lapel mics, 1 handheld mic

Internal battery for 5 or more hours of cordless use

Aux inputs for wired mics and music sources

Echo and Tone control

Soft carrying case with pockets for accessories

Internal recharging of internal battery and rechargeable 9V batteries

Weighs only 4 pounds 7 ounces!!  THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!

US plug and standard 110(120)V compatible.  For 220/240V systems a step-down converter will be needed to charge the unit.

Some of the rewards include the Magic Pad magic trick.  Here is what that is....

Magic Pad was a kickstarter we did that was over 600% funded!  See it here.  You can also watch a video about Magic Pad here.  This is a very easy to do versitile magic trick that makes a great ice-breaker or opener for a sales meeting or presentation.  For magicians it is a Himber wallet made for today's audiences.

The hard case, recommended cords, and tripod stand in the package deal are our own products as well manufactured by Empower Sound.

No Campaign Updates. Check Back Sometime Soon.

Created on 2023-03-15 15:35:03