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Ended 02/17/2016

" & ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ONLINE! Join THE COMET for some LIVE fun & surprises @ 7pm TODAY!"

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"We are a creative alliance pioneering & servicing a culture of transparent & tradition distorting tastemakers!

We developed the perfect hub for us to share our content & endeavors with our audience in a way that they WILL remember!

We want to invite YOU to join us in the launch of what is the next wave & beginning of a culture of unlocked individuals!

We are building for beyond... Opening minds with conversation & content that'll shake and transcend you from your traditional comforts!

We are NOT just dreamers and believers... we're ACTIVATORS... and the fact that you're here... we bet you are too."

- JTPK | Z3RO 

With this campaign THE JTPK will be launching their official website, allowing users to explore new music, request services from the multi-talented team, and stay up to date on the current events and on goings of THE JTPK. Join them on their journey!

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