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The Package Guard

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Ended 04/04/2023

"Mike Grabham has created the next big thing. You can check now his Package Guard here #crowdfunding #usa #gadgets"

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Click here to pre-order your Package Guard

      [embed][/embed]     The Package Guard is a Frisbee-sized alarm device that sits at your front door. It establishes a clear delivery location for the UPS, FedEx, DHL, United States Post Office or other courier services with the text “PLACE PACKAGE HERE.” Once your delivery is safely on the Package Guard, the alarm is armed. The only way to remove the package is by replying to the text or email with OFF. If someone removes your items while it is armed, the Package Guard sets off an alarm (similar to a car or fire alarm). The device can be attached on a semi-permanent basis to hard surfaces if you choose to do so, you can even use a screw if you like. It is almost impossible to steal both the package and the device at the same time because it is hard for a human finger to get under the device and at the same time, keep the "right" amount of pressure on the top with a package (s). You do not have to attach it to your surface if you don't want to. In the near future it will also integrate with some of the major surveillance camera brands, so you can get a picture of the thief and share it with police or on Facebook to warn other neighbors.     This is a growing problem as packages being delivered have seen double digits gains each of the last five years and no one is predicting this to decrease. Package theft is one of the easiest crimes to commit, so there has to be some easy, inexpensive solution. The Package Guard is the solution!     Here is a short demo video of our product.   [embed][/embed]    
We will be using the funds to create the molds for manufacturing and to complete the FCC certifications for the device. We also need to complete the packaging design. We have already had the IOS app designed but we are waiting to build that later in the year. (At no cost to any backers on Kickstarter). This could be a stretch goal for this campaign to build the app right away. We have filed the provisional patent and will need some money, $5,500 -$7,500 to get the final patent completed by May. We have been talking to two manufacturers that we could be working with if we are successful here and depending on the amount of units that are pre-ordered. We know the Package Guard works and we are on track for this to be successful. Two main reasons leading to our success are; one, it is a straight forward product, we are using existing technologies to deliver the solution, we are not trying any new technologies that have not already been 100% tested and two, the device has only a few moving parts so the complexity is greatly reduced, making it easier to manufacture.

Risks and challenges

Potential pitfalls are always possible. I have started five companies I know unexpected things happen along the way. We have done a great job of minimizing large hurdles that need to be overcome. At this point if our Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will be using the funds to build the product at scale. We are aware that there might be some surprises along the way, specifically with the manufacturing of the product to large scale. We want you to know that these problems will only cause a delay in time and not cause failure of the product. The Package Guard is made from existing technologies and parts, since we are not using any technology that has not already been 100% proven to be stable, we believe the only risk will be the potential delay of delivery date. However I do believe with proper and consistent communication the product will be a success and delivered on time.
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Click here to pre-order your Package Guard

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Created on 2023-03-18 12:55:43